Robert Craven




Robert runs The Directors' Centre Ltd. The DC focuses on entrepreneurship, helping growing businesses to be more business-like and helping larger businesses to be more entrepreneurial. I wear several hats: 1 - As a keynote speaker - presentations at conferences and seminars around service businesses/entrepreneurship/marketing/strategy - "10 Things To Do In The Next 10 Days", "Grow Your Service Firm", "Bright Marketing", "More Profit" and "Kick-Start Your Business" 2 As MD, I run 'The Directors' Centre', the management consultancy specialising in helping businesses (large and small) to grow - a group of entrepreneurs who have 'been there and done it' helping people to 'go there and do it' I also run The Directors' Centre Online Business Club 3 As a writer, I have now penned several books including (both with Forewords by Sir Richard Branson) 'Kick-Start Your Business - 100 days to a leaner , fitter organisation' and 'Customer Is King - how to exceed their expectations'. My previous book was "Bright Marketing" - which hit Number Three in the Amazon Best-seller list for Sales and Marketing on its first day!! See also Beating the Credit Crunch. My latest book is Grow Your Service Firm. Robert Craven


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