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Sitting alongside ambitious business owners to keep them on the business flight plan 

The Business Co-Pilot™

Consultant + Coach + Mentor = Business CoPilot

This is the site for ambitious business leaders looking to accelerate business growth, and build long-term sustainable profits.

Every seasoned Airline Pilot knows the value of a good CoPilot. Great Pilots know that they cannot fly their aircraft alone and it is easy to understand why. Today's hi tech cockpits are chock full of dials, switches and levers and no matter how competent the Pilot, they need additional support, advice, guidance and the occasional reality check from their CoPilot.

In many ways, running a business is like flying a plane, let us explain more here

Are you:

  • An established business who is looking to grow further but are unsure about the specific direction to take and whether you have the appropriate skills & resources to achieve this growth.
  • An established business whose market has, or is about to change rapidly, resulting in low levels of growth and profitability. You know you need to make strategic and operational changes but are not sure exactly which route to take.
  • A start-up or new business who is looking to grow rapidly and requires assistance and advice on how best to achieve the desired level of growth. You have the ideas and an outline plan but you could benefit from an experience practitioner working alongside you during this initial set up phase.

If any of these three scenarios sound familiar, we may be able to assist. Contact us by email or by telephone to talk through the issues you are facing. Alternatively why not complete the Diagnostic Lite to identify the more important tasks needing action.

Always happy to talk with you.

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Business Model

Businesses and organisations come in many different shapes and sizes, but we believe there are 5 essential components that need to be in place and aligned, if any business is going to achieve accelerated business growth.


Business CoPilot Model

1.       VISION  - There needs to be a clear destination in mind and a realistic plan to get there.

2.       CREW  - You need to have the right people on board and they need to understand their roles.

3.      INSTRUMENTS - There needs to be systems in place that ensure you operate efficiently & effectively.

4.       PASSENGERS  -  You need to know who your market is, how to attract them and how to keep them on board.

5.       REPUTATION  -  There needs to be an awareness of  how your company is viewed & how you can improve this.

Always happy to talk with you.

Telephone: +44 (0) 117 230 3166 Email: Chat on Skype: Click here Web Site: Business CoPilot Blog: Maximising Profits Through Growth | RSS

How we work

Where are you heading?

Flying Blind or On Course

Where ever you are on the business "flight" plan there will be times when you cannot see out of the cockpit window. The partial blindness can be very disconcerting. You cannot get your bearings, you cannot see oncoming obstacles and it hampers your ability to know with any certainty how to alter your current flight path. It is very difficult in situations like this to move forwards with confidence where you cannot be certain if you are either heading in the right direction or just about to hit a major obstacle.

The Importance of your Instrument Panel

In these situations pilots have to rely on their instrument panel to give the correct information. They  also need to have the ability to interpret this information correctly. Senior managers and business owners face exactly the same issues. They too need to understand how the business is performing, what obstacles or challenges are appearing on the horizon, and then devise a strategy for avoiding these obstacles and reaching their end destination.

The quality and structure of the information being received by those at the top of an organisation is a critical element in determining how effectively and efficiently they are able to run the company. The quality of the decision making is directly related to the quality of the information they are receiving. A comprehensive instrument panel, stating both the current situation and potential future situation is not just an optional tool but an essential companion for those tasked with piloting the company.

Where a CoPilot can be of assistance

Since 2006 we have been assisting business owners, senior managers and entrepreneurs who find themselves without the correct and relevant information to operate their business. We sit alongside ensuring the dials and instruments are working and as importantly, ensuring that the key decision makers understand the information and know how best to act upon it.

As a CoPilots our role is to be both collaborative and objective. Collaboration means that we work alongside you and your team, offering practical advice, support and guidance. Our style is part mentor, part coach and part consultant depending on the organisational need. Objectivity means that we tell you what you need to hear rather than what you may want to hear. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes or approach is all that is needed to move the business onto the next level.

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Could we be of assistance?

If you feel we could be of assistance let's talk. You can contact us on 0117 230 3166 or via any of the other options on our contact page.


Flying Blind or On Course

flying blind

Where ever you are on the business "flight" plan, there will be times when the view from the cockpit window becomes obscured or  diminished. This partial blindness is very disconcerting. You cannot get your bearings, you cannot see oncoming obstacles and you  won't know which way to turn. It hampers your ability to grow or to climb out of your current flight path. It is difficult to consider taking off  or moving to the next level if you cannot be certain about what is going on.

So we have developed 3 products which allow you to locate your current position & performance as a company. Please feel free to try these out.

OK, so now you know whether we maybe of assistance to you in your quest for growth, let us explain in more detail the specific services we offer

Our services fall into 3 broad categories: (1) DIAGNOSTICS (2) SUPPORT (3) IMPLEMENTATION

for each area we have a range of individual services details of which are outlined

Always happy to talk with you.

Telephone: +44 (0) 117 230 3166 Email: Chat on Skype: Click here Web Site: Business CoPilot Blog: Maximising Profits Through Growth | RSS

Some Testimonials

" Rob is one of those truly amazing people who combine competence with integrity. He is a clear thinking and thoughtful as well as being a source of endless fun! For anyone looking for a truly competent advisor to help them grow their business, develop their brand and set the direction of their business, you would be well advised to speak to Rob." — Mark Eaton

"Rob was one of the people to step up and support me as a new member of Ecademy and to my great pleasure has kept up that support ever since. I had known of Rob before I'd meet him, even on line. He'd been recommended to me as a man of integrity, warmth, good commercial mind and a great trainer. When I met him I immediately knew if he made a promise he would deliver. In fact he has since exceeded my expectations. Meet up with Rob and be consistently delighted ~ I am" — Bob Hayward

"A really supportive person who enjoys helping and connecting people." — Sharon Stiles

"Rob is one of the most relaxed, informative and professional presenters I have seen, and his detailed knowledge of networking and how to maximise opportunities and relationships through networking are essential for anyone in business who wants to quickly, effectively and enjoyably increase their contact sphere." — Chris Street

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