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Personal Hello, I'm a young 46 and live in Newbury, Berkshire with my much better half Judy. We met nine years ago, doing what we both like doing most, sport - with a bit of social drinking thrown in! In this case it was a skiing holiday ( - a great place to take kids skiing for the 1st time) Between us we have 3 kids, Jenny(17), Meghan(16) and Charlie(15). Our aim is to keep young by being, at times, more childish than them! We married in June 2005 - taking over a small country house for the weekend. It felt like one big party from Friday night through to when we left on Monday morning - and we happened to get married at some point! Certainly for us, it was perfect. Can highly recommend the house for weddings or if you fancy a big party. Check out their web page The Big House [P.S. May 2008 - Just found out the main picture on their web site is of us!! We had a 'silly' hat theme, if you were wondering!] For our honeymoon we spent 2 weeks in New Zealand following the British Lions Rugby Tour and then a week in Sydney. It was wonderful and I highly recommend both places - our trip was only let down by the actual rugby - everything else was great! Rugby was my main sport passion until my body told me enough is enough. In the past I've tried my hand at most sports - I was lucky enough to represent my university in 7 different sports. Jude is also on Ecademy, you can read her profile here

Business On the business front for the last 12 years I've worked for myself. Originally from a software developer background, I am the classic 'IT techie' turned businessman - I hung my 'developer boots' many years ago! Since then I found what I enjoy most is helping companies achieve their overall business goals - in the main through understanding how to utilize technology. This has led me to a number of requests to become the non-exec IT Director of companies. As someone kindly put it "You really understand our business and where we want to take it. Most importantly you can communicate that to a technical team and that's something we have always struggled to do in the past - thank you!" This year I spent a lot of time working out where I wanted to go professionally - my past didn't really match the work I had enjoyed doing in the last 3-4 years and more importantly what I felt I wanted to focus on for the future - working in partnership with ambitious business owners and helping them achieve their goals. The result of this was a decision in August to join forces Chris Turberville-Tully - a very good friend who runs Inspiration Inc. Even though we have worked very closely together on some projects for the last 4 years formalising our business partnership has really helped to bring everything together and accelerate our expansion plans for Inspiration Inc. For example; we have just opened our 3rd office in Exeter with it's own marketing web site. Both Chris and I believe SME's want to buy where possible from local companies and one of the ways we will build up Inspiration Inc is by taking this regional approach. It is also a fantastic evidence of how a company can grow through the use of digital marketing Chris opened a 2nd office in Birmingham in March 2011. In less than 8 months he has over 10 new customers - all delivered through a targeted SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay per Click) campaigns. The other nice thing is that we're attracting all types of business - from start-up, small companies, through to a couple of multi-national blue-chip companies. Used properly Google is great! :-) So if you are looking for a company that you can trust to deliver SEO which works or help you achieve a better ROI from your PPC Campaigns please contact me for a chat.

Interested in making a difference to the world? Do you believe that if enough people in the world all contribute something, however small, they can make a difference? If you do please read this and click on the video link below. The video is of someone called Iqbal Quadir speaking in Oxford UK. It is a video from a man's heart about his passion. When I first saw it on Tony Hine's page I decided to join his crusade to get as many people to view Iqbal's video as possible. Iqbal Quadir has single-handedly got a Government, a Business, and a Bank to work together to provide the poor people of Bangladesh with a mobile phone system. Not bad for just one 'normal' person ! Iqbal Quadir's idea has empowered millions of poor people in Bangladesh. He has done single-handedly what the western world could not do with billions of pounds spent in aid over the last 60 years. He argues charitable aid is not working; in fact it is damaging the poor countries. His solution is about providing people with work and opportunity, not Charity. One small point, Iqbal is not a professional speaker, in fact his style is a little slow at first, if you get past the first couple of minutes, then I know his message will grab your attention. You will suddenly realize the power within this short video clip. Please click on link here to go directly to the "YouTube" video site: After you have watched it How cool is that and how simple?! Can you see this model working in other countries and with other products? I can If you really like it, can I suggest you tell other people about it, or maybe, like me, add a section to your profile page. I've also added 'Iqbal Quadir' to my 50 words - over time it would be nice to be able to find everyone who has added it to their profile page. So if you do decide to do that, maybe do the same? If enough people do this, one day very soon the video will land in the lap of someone with an idea for a another business that would fit this model and help the third world. Or maybe people high up in government will see it and recognise the power of this approach and change how they support poorer countries.

I hope my profile has helped to give you a better understanding of me personally and my business life. Send me a message if you just want to find out more, or just want to say hi! Take Care Robin Winnett create your own visited country map