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Best UK Business Speaker 2008, College of Public Speaking Awards. Recession proof, simple, usable marketing ideas. View Rod Sloane's profile on LinkedIn An active member of the Professional Speakers Association, I deliver fast-paced, high-energy keynotes that are both educational and funny!

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  • Be practical
  • Be brief
  • Be assertive
  • Be to the point
  • Be supportive of my goals
  • Be respectful of my time
  • Show strength!

Speech Topic: > Get Real! Get Aligned! Get Going! If you run a successful business and would like to take it to the next level, give me call on 08000 832 597. I help CEOs, CMOs and CSOs win more profitable revenue and clients by getting sales and marketing teams to work together better. ****************************************************************************** Have you registered for "How to Get More Business!" on the weekend of the 19th, 20th and 21st January 2009? ******************************************************************************* I live with Mary, my wife and Kerry, our sixteen year old daughter in Ealing, West London. If you are ever passing, call me and we can go out for a coffee, beer or drop into Monty's. If you have never heard of Monty's, ask me! I work with two types of clients, small business owners who want more profitable clients and law firms who want to grow their revenue. My Marketing Story What I learned in University about systems during my Economics degree did not really help me when I started a sales career for BAT. I had to learn on-the-job from scratch. A hit-and-miss path to success. After 15 years of front line sales for large multinational software companies, at 38 I was ready to start my own business. Isn't that how you refer to redundancy, down-sizing or losing your job? Unfortunately, amazingly all the sales experience I had was of little help, because I was ignorant on the basic marketing of my business. It quickly became apparent to me that marketing sets up the opportunity to have a business conversation. But I didn't know how to generate those conversations without hours of phone cold-calling. Could there be a better way than cold-calling? After all I had only ever had average success in sales. I spent thousands of pounds with a business selling me a franchise that claimed they knew the secret of marketing. Again, though I had to find my own way to make those franchises work, more on-the-job learning. If it's your business then on-the-job learning is the most expensive learning you will ever pay for. Back at University we had studied systems and that's what I realised I needed in my business, a system to attract new clients. I had been trying what I thought might work best, closing my eyes and hoping for best. Any success I had had been accidental and worse I could not reproduce it. My marketing had been erratic, occasional and based on the latest fad. I was now ready to adopt a No-Bull approach to marketing. **************************************************************************************************** "I got more out of attending your workshop than any other training I have ever been on." --- Andrew Levison, Chief Executive, Sternberg Reed Solicitors **************************************************************************************************** My keys to success is a belief that "Persistence Pays "and to"Be different, not better!" To relax I enjoy sailing and the life time challenge of striking a golf ball straightListen!


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