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I have been born in 1955 in the small village of Scherzingen in Switzerland. After school education I began to study all about computers. Since 1973 I have worked as a mainframe computer analyst and a programmer. I speak fluent German, Spanish and English, and also understand French and Italian. I have left Switzerland in 1994 and lived for five years in Ecuador, South America where I have worked temporarily as a tour guide and climbed several mountains. I have made extensive tours in the highlands where I also came in contact with the Inca culture. I came back to Switzerland in November 1999 because of political upheavals in the Andean country and am now living in Zurich, Switzerland. At the early age I have been interested in science fiction, later in parapsychology, then in the whole esoteric world. I always have been very interested about alien beings and UFOs. I have been a member of a German and an American UFO group and attended several international meetings. I have made a trip for fire-walking (walking with bare feet on charcoal at a temperature of about 800 degrees Celsius) and mastered this challenge with bravery. I love nature, especially the mountains, and I am a passionate hiker/trekker. ******************************************************************************************* My new novel "Die Eremitin - Wundersame Begegnungen", volume one of the trilogy is available at bookstores worldwide: Youtube video: Here you can see the book cover of "The Female Hermit" (now available in German language): ******************************************************************************************* Volume TWO of my trilogy: "Die Eremitin - Die Ruinenstadt" now available at book stores: One of my great hobbies is the world of entertainment. Loving very much going to the cinema has changed my life. You can see me now in many movies, tv spots, commercials or on posters hanging all over the country. My experience as an extra or "hobby actor" has grown quite a lot. Just started to have several roles as the principal actor and several roles as the secondary actor in German and Swiss movies, even in Malta. You can see all these experiences also on my own web site With this image film we have won the first prize in the international Adobe competion: Please take a look below - my experience as an actor in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Malta: 2011 Commercial (TV): Extra CNN Zurich Tourism, Zurich Airport Foto Shooting: Dacudo CEO, Zurich Film (Imagefilm): Extra, Bank, Zurich Film (Youtube): Extra Usability Institute, Zurich Film (Movie): Extra "Hunkeler und die Augen des Oedipus", Basel Commercial (TV): Extra Migros, Zurich Commercial (Internet) Secondary Actor, Tourism, Berne Film (Imagefilm): Secondary Actor, Bank, Zurich Film (Imagefilm): Extra ZEM, Berne, Buempliz Film (Movie): Extra "Alle werden", Zurich, Basel, Chur Commercial (TV): Extra Fribourg Tourism, Zurich Commercial (TV): Extra LIDL, Muri Commercial (TV): Extra M-Outdoor, Schlieren 2010 Film (Movie): Extra "Ruhm", Zurich Film (Movie): Extra Remake Millenium Trilogy, Zurich Film (Movie): Extra „Die Schweizer - Dufour", Lucerne Film (Movie): Extra „Hard Stop", Zurich Commercial (TV): Extra M-Electronics, Schlieren Foto Shooting: Hotel Glaernischhof, Zurich Film (Imagefilm): Extra, Hotel Glaernischhof, Zurich Commercial (TV): Extra Credit Suisse, St. Gallen Foto Shooting: F.A.M.E., Hamburg, Germany Film (Movie): Extra „Kommissar Hunkeler" Patient, Basel Film (Movie): Extra „Nordwaerts", Zurich Commercial (TV): Extra Sunrise "Friends", Baden 2009 Commercial (TV): Extra Swisscom "Vancouver", Zurich, Belp, Obersaxen, Maegenwil Film (Movie): Extra „Der letzte Weynfeldt", Flughafen Zurich Film (Imagefilm): Secondary Actor „Patient", Zurich Film (Movie): Extra „Liebling, lass' uns scheiden!", Zurich Commercial (TV): Extra Swisslos, Schlieren Film (Movie): Extra „Sonntags Vierer", Bubikon, Kuesnacht Film (Movie): Secondary Actor "Das Magische Buch", Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany Commercial (TV): Extra Migros Bank, Zurich Commercial (TV): Extra Cinema Pathé Westside, Berne Film (Shortfilm): Manager „Olympic Shortfilm Contest", Zurich Commercial (TV): Opener for TELE1, Zurich Film (Imagefilm): Doctor, Worker, Zurich, Schlieren Film (Movie): Camper "Annegret", Erlach Trailer (Movie): Performer „Rock Circus", Burgdorf Film (Movie): Extra "Ein seltsamer Tag", Zurich Commercial: Extra Swisscom, Zurich Commercial: Extra "Strong Man", Winterthur Foto Shooting: Find-a-Face, Zurich Commercial: Extra Ice Hockey Fan, Wetzikon Film (Shortfilm): Principal Actor „Popeye's Fight" / Reprise", Popeye Village, Malta Film (Movie): Extra „Giulias Verschwinden", Zurich 2008 Film (Shortfilm): Principal Actor „Traumschiff Surprise" / Reprise", Munich, Germany Film (Movie): Principal Actor "Dreamwalker", Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany Film (Movie): Extra "Kommissar Hunkeler" Business man, Basel Film (Short Film): Extra „Bar guest", Zurich Show-Biz (Live Transmission: Company of the Year): Member of judging committee, Zurich Film (Imagefilm): Secondary Actor „No Toilets", Dietikon Film (Imagefilm): Principal Actor Adobe Spot, Zurich Film (Movie): Secondary Actor "Air Crash of Ueberlingen", Meilen Commercial (TV): Extra Sonntagsblick, Zurich Film (Movie): Extra "Der Fuersorger", Winterthur Commercial (TV): Extra Brewer's Friend, Feldschloesschen, Rheinfelden Commercial (TV): Secondary Actor doctor, Helsana Insurance, Zurich Film (Movie): Secondary Actor "Der Grosse Kater", Bern, Interlaken, Axalp Film (Movie): Extra "Tamilische Hochzeit", Wuerenlos TV Studio( Trailer): Principal Actor NTZ Net TV Zurich, Zurich Film (Imagefilm): Principal Actor "Braegger + Thomann, Zurich Film (Documentary): Extra with speaking role, ZHAW Winterthur, Zurich Film (Movie): Principal Actor "Bad Siren", Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany Film (Movie): Extra „Champions", Zurich, Baeretswil TV (Soap): Extra "Tag und Nacht", Glattfelden Foto Shooting: Siemens International Campaign, Zurich Film (Promotionfilm): Extra Funeral, Einsiedeln Film (Movie): Extra James Bond „Quantum of Solace", Bregenz, Austria Commercial: Extra Ice Hockey Fan, Wetzikon Theater (live): Extra God's Entertainment, Zurich Commercial (TV): Extra IV insurance, Zurich Film (Movie): Extra ScienceFiction, Fugitive, Winterthur Music-Video: Extra, Pams' State, Zürich Theatre: Extra Wilhelm Tell, Weisslingen Commercial (Cinema): Statist, Bank robbery, Zurich TV Trailer: Actor EURO08, Swiss TV, Basel and Zurich Film (Promotionfilm): Extra for Clifford Lilley, Herrenglobus, Zurich Film (Imagefilm): Extra Business man NAGRA, PSI, Villigen TV Spot: Extra Swiss Airlines, Airport Zurich 2007 Film (Movie): Extra „Happy New Year", Party guest, Zürich TV Studio: M08 fan championship, Zurich Foto Shooting: Shooting Society, Boennigheim, Germany Internetfilm: Reporter SUVA insurance, Zurich TV Quiz: Participant in Sympany Quiz, Zurich Opera (live): Extra Hallenstadion, Zurich Commercial (TV): Extra Kleenex, Zurich Film (Imagefilm): Extra Bank Vontobel, Zurich Film (Imagefilm): Extra Business man in train, Biel, Bern Film (Movie): Extra „Das Haus am Waldesrand", Solothurn Foto Shooting : Kaiserslautern, Germany Commercial (TV): Extra Insurance Company, Zurich Commercial (TV): Extra Theater, Bachenbuelach Commercial (Cinema): Extra AntiSmoking Campaign, Zurich Film (Movie): Extra „Tag am Meer", various parts, Zurich TV Spot: Extra Sunrise, Zurich Foto Shooting: Fashion Paper, Zurich und Winterthur TV Spot: Extra Interdiscount Sihlcity, Zurich Film (Short Film): Extra (Bar Guest), Zurich Foto Shooting: Circus Zirkus Knie, Basel Foto Shooting: Ufo Researcher, Zurich Music-Video: Marriage Guest, SonyBMG, Dagmersellen TV Spot: Extra Soccer Stadium Hardturm, Zurich TV Spot: Extra TV Commercial, Zurich Foto Shooting : High School ZHW, Winterthur Fairy Tale (Short Film): Extra „Wonda", Baron von Rolfitzkyi, Lucerne Video-Casting: Internet Commercial „Yaoti", Karsruhe, Germany Foto Shooting : Exposition Tease in Koeln, Zurich, Germany Film (Movie): Extra Short Film, Street Car Passenger, Zurich Film (Movie): Extra „Dein Freund", Zurich Film (Short Film): Extra „Jogger", Zurich 2006 Film (Movie): Extra Thriller "Chronomanen", various parts, Zurich Film (Short Film): Extra "Liebe & Wahn", various parts, Zurich Film (Movie): Extra Short Film "Rene M.", Zurich 2005 Commercial: Extra Voegeli shoes, Nespresso, Zurich Film (Movie): Extra "Suessigkeiten", Zurich *************************************************************************************************************** My visitors are from all over the world: free counters You want to know more about me: Websites: My first book "An Overview of Extraterrestrial Races" The Book "An Overview of Extraterrestrial Races" is a unique compilation of information, a dictionary if you will, of Who is Who. It is approximately the size of an average yellow pages, 400 pages, yet the data in the book is far from average. Containing controversial material of terrestrial and extraterrestrial nature, it lists names of the gods, angels, teachers, and/or alien visitors to our planet from the beginning of times. The author, Rolf Waeber mentions the top-secret societies and organizations on Earth and beyond. The book is full of predictions, descriptions of star systems, galaxies, universes, UFO sightings/crashes, cosmic events from ancient times to present day and so much more, all in alphabetical index, all in one book. After thirty years of research and the gathering of information this book was launched. The author provides the information, not the explanation. He lets the reader decide "what is what". Many references and sources are provided when available, however some findings originated from the spiritual/metaphysical perspective of the seers and the light workers, which are difficult to prove. Some readers may find this book startling, beyond comprehension, or radical, wellÂ…the idea of a man on the Moon, not that long ago, was considered radical too. To break the "monotony" of the vast amount of data, it coincides with cosmic art, B/W in the book. To see full color versions visit: Please note that all creative writing: poems, foreword by Yeva and the introduction by the author, Rolf Waeber are written in their own original English (not translated), which is the second language of those involved. "An Overview of Extraterrestrial Races" " Who is Who in the Greatest Game of History", is an important guide to all who are searching for the truth. Yeva,Artist, poet Asheville, NC USA The cover is made by Australian artist Nizstaro. My second book, my first novel The Female Hermit A new novel by Rolf Waeber S Y N O P S I S F O R V O L U M E O N E THE FEMALE HERMIT (DIE EREMITIN) A NOVEL TRILOGY by Rolf Waeber Synopsis: This is the story of a woman and mother who is in her fifties. She left her home to live in the mountains a spiritual and adventurous live in pure nature: She always wanted to do the best for everybody; a loving, selfless soul who did not have much in common with the selfish culture in the cities. She is on the way to her inner self, she discovers immeasurable fountains of power on her way to solitude. On her journey she encounters again and again barely solvable tasks, which she can solve in a fantastic way with her high intelligence and love to God. Her fascinating adventures on the glacier and her encounters with beings who be thought no longer exists let her develop her abilities to a very high level. The surprising happenings on her journey into the unknown challenge her boldness and her outstanding intelligence. She is not frightened of any danger. Her unlimited love let her manifest wonders and opens unknown realms to her. In utter need or danger wondrous beings help her. This afternoon, January 15. 2009 in New Delhi, when I was writing about the fifth page of my new novel - something unbelievable happened - I was so in my story that tears filled my eyes and wetted my nose too, writing down an event that was so real it thouroughly touched my own soul - this is the best proof that it will be a bestseller! ******************************************************************************************* My new novel "Die Eremitin - Wundersame Begegnungen", volume one of the trilogy is now available bookstores worldwide: Here you can see the book cover of "The Female Hermit" (now available in German language): ******************************************************************************************* My Shelfari Book Site Actor's experience Roswell 2007 Esoteric and Spiritual Forum, Germany Yasni - here I am number two in Switzerland! 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