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B2B Sales Professional at IT Solutions


Roz Bennetts - B2B Sales Professional based in London

Hello old Ecademians and new SunZuers, welcome to my new/old profile which I'm in the process of tweaking. :-)

A bit about me: apart from my work I'm interested in public speaking, driving and games of skill like poker, backgammon and chess. One new hobby is drifting (controlling an out of control car) and here's a video of me doing a little bit of that!

Back to my work. I've been a sales person in one shape or form or another pretty much since leaving school and I worked my way up through the ranks by starting off in telesales and progressing from there to B2B (Business to Business) sales.

I focus on Account Development in the IT Solutions and Services marketplace and this is where I've specialised for the last fifteen or so years. Account Development is probably best described as taking an existing transactional (or deal based) customer and moving the relationship to one that is more strategic by creating business value for the client, engendering trust, producing the outcomes they need and in turn making the account more profitable for my employers. This is the area where I probably I do best though I can turn my hand to straightforward Account Management and new name business.

The sales methodology that I favour most would probably be Power Base Selling as developed by Jim Holden (which is good for presales qualification and navigating large accounts), but sales is an ever changing environment and it's more about business acumen, situational knowledge and value creation these days than anything else.

I've worked across most vertical market segments but probably predominantly within the finance marketplace in the City and also the IT Out-Sourcer/Service Provider sectors. The finance market in the City appeals to me as it’s totally different from any other market whereas the work done for the IT Out-Sourcer/Service Provider market tends to be more business focused as you're often directly impacting their top and bottom lines with what you do for them. Probably the sector I've had least to do with would be public sector.

Professional Endorsements

"Roz is a multi-faceted, and senior member of my sales team. She has successfully worked across a range of unique and complex sales campaigns including:
* Multi-Vendor Security Solutions for a major Outsourcer
* Large infrastructure refresh programs for Outsource and Petrochemical clients
* Managed Resourcing solutions for an Investment Banking client
* Professional Services and hardware solutions for a major Retail and Corporate banking client
Roz is professional, diligent and has a strong work ethic. She works well within, and as a leader of, internal teams. She thinks creatively of ways to meet clients requirements and differentiate our business as we strive to help them." Sept 04, 2012

G. Haigh, Sales Director, managed Roz Bennetts at NSC

"Roz is a very capable, focused and tenacious sales person. She is structured and organised. This was demonstrated as she planned the strategy and executed her campaign to secure our largest long term services contract bidding against larger global competitors and the incumbent. Is good at navigating her way around large enterprise organisation and developing relationships." March 14, 2010

C. Mills, Regional Sales Manager, Strategic Accounts Finance, worked directly with Roz Bennetts at NSC

"Roz and I had the opportunity to work in the same team at Alcatel and during those years she was top sales person for two years running. She is a hard and dedicated worker and comes highly recommended." July 13, 2010

C. Ashmole, Corporate Account Manager, Alcatel - worked directly with Roz Bennetts at Alcatel

"Having been Roz's Manager I confirm her strong sales Skills and commitment to achieving results. Roz has the ablity to create and develop customer relationships whilst maintaining the professional approach." May 4, 2010

R. Bush, Account Manager, Memorex - managed Roz Bennetts at Memorex