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CEO at Systematic Marketing Limited


Systematic Marketing: easy to use content management solutions and customer management systems for even the most complex of business requirements.

At Systematic Marketing we work with you to develop software to help you do what you do quicker, better and more profitably


Our philosophy is to provide you with solutions that fit your business, not try to make your business fit our solutions. So you'll find that both our customer management system ( SMX ) and content management system ( LiveBase® ) are highly configurable and if that's not enough we'll write specific extensions to meet your requirements...and we do love a challenge :-). And we don't finish there. We are always here to help you with implementing and running your system.
"The level of support was fantastic and it was refreshing to work with a team who were so dedicated to problem-solving and striving to improve functionality - from both a technical and customer perspective." (W, major UK charity)

"Russell and his team have a software system for websites and data. The software is easy to use and gives you such flexibility you feel you really own your online presence. Additionally Russell puts in way more effort than average to get you what you want even when there are significant technological hurdles to get over. A real pro.(Sarah Farrugia, Sarah Farrugia and Co)

As well as our commercial applications, we also have specialist packages for the arts market. Through the Masque range of products we aim to give your marketing an edge with Masque Patron for supporter management, provide full archiving with Masque and web content management and hosting no matter what size. Take a look at one of clients Birmingham Royal Ballet.

An example of specialised development can be seen at Liftstream who wanted to use Flash for their navigation. We added functionality to LiveBase to produce specialised xml which the Flash developers used to produce a dynamic Flash navigation system.

Our customer management solutions are flexible too - containing full promotional tracking, membership management, account management, on-line store ( @rcade® ) and customer web access. We have also developed extensions to this software to communicate with fulfilment house systems and also to bring together data from many feeder systems to produce marketing databases providing a single view of a customer.

We have been working with the Internet since 1994 when we launched our first website which was followed by our second site UK Index, the first UK specific search engine and then the National Trust website. We have always viewed the Internet as a major step in the area of customer management - we no longer needed a stamp and information could be tailored for the individual, the grail one to one marketing was/is moving a lot closer.

The area which first attracted me to marketing, especially direct marketing, is the evaluation and decision making side. The great thing about direct marketing is the ability you have to know what money you spend brings in what revenue (although this is diluted in today's internet world ...but we are working on it!), and to run testing programmes before committing to expensive campaigns. One of my activities, in addition to consultancy, in support of this is lecturing for The Institute of Direct Marketing.

If you want to know more please contact me.

A bit of background: Born in Swansea, I went to school at Dunvant Junior and Olchfa Comp. I then went onto economics at Cardiff University, but only really discovered the joys of study when I did my MBA at Middlesex. I started work at Mercantile Credit where I went through a variety of roles before ending up heading the direct marketing team after getting my MBA . I left there and founded Systematic Marketing in 1990. We started as a consultancy, but became a software house and applications hosting company specialising in customer management and web content management systems.

I have contributed to a variety of publications. This has mainly centred on marketing evaluation (statistical and financial). In particular I author the section on Financial Evaluation of Direct Marketing in "The Direct Marketing Guide" published by The Institute of Direct Marketing. I also lecture on the same subjects.


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