Ruth McChesney




My name is Ruth McChesney, Marketing Specialist from Richmond on Thames in Surrey. I have an MA Marketing from Kingston University in Surrey, several years of corporate marketing experience and have been consulting to small and medium businesses since 2001. Marketing is much more than a career for me, it is a way for me to help other people feel motivated to achieve success. My personal satisfaction comes from seeing small business owners flourish and provide a more prosperous life for their families. I have a husband, Richard, four children ranging in age from 26 - 9 years of age, a son-in-law and one grandchild. Work and family take up most of my waking hours although I do manage to network and get involved in organising not-for-profit events when I can. Most people enjoy working with me because I'm very honest and demand commitment from them - I'm not a 'yes' woman! If my clients are passionate about their businesses and want to succeed, they get my genuine desire and resources to help them. I can help prepare marketing plans, complete market research, design brands & marketing materials, develop websites and offer good quality, affordable display banner solutions. I have a brand new service launching in the next 3 weeks and will update my profile when it's ready.