Ryan Pinnick




Ryan believes that it is our purpose to create what we love thereby experiencing love, magic and greatness in our lives. Ryan's last year at school in Cape Town was very stressful as he had no idea what he wanted to do with his life. Ryan studied electrical engineering for 4 years after taking the advice of a careers councilor. He then moved to London in 2001 after accepting a job in the corporate world. Despite being successful in his job he soon became unsatisfied and developed a serious cocaine and alcohol addiction. His addiction soon became a threat to his life and that's when his journey in spirituality and personal development began. After recovering from his addiction he immersed himself in studying personal development and entrepreneurship. In 2006 he left his job to start his first business and within 6 months had acquired over £1M worth of property in the UK despite having very little money and no capital. As a result of his success he soon became one the leading speakers for Rich Dad Education UK and he then realised his passion for inspiring people. He presented on stage with some of the world's leaders in personal development and entrepreneurship and regularly spoke at networking events, universities, conferences, webinars, keynotes, organisations and schools. In 2009 Ryan was introduced to his now good friend Darren Eden. Darren introduced Ryan to the world of magic, intuition and imagination and it was at this moment that Ryan knew he had found his calling. Ryan resigned from all his business activities and spent the following 3 years mastering his intuition and imagination so that he could create what he wanted effortlessly and magically. During that period Ryan mentored people and ran workshops teaching people how to live magically and in so doing, live their greatness. Ryan the realised that his heart was in Cape Town and that he wanted to bring the work that he had mastered back home to inspire South Africa to Greatness. Ryan is now mentoring and doing talks for schools, young people, seminars, conferences and organisations around South Africa. Ryan lives in Cape Town and also loves performing comedy, playing sports and he supports Liverpool Football Club and the Stormers. Unfortunately, none of whom have won any significant trophies recently.