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SUPPORTER/STAR/DEALMAKER With the World situation as it is many people are wondering what to do with their lives, where to go from here, what path and what action to take. Are you feeling overwhelmed, worried or concerned that things will never be better? Or do you feel you won't achieve your potential in life. If your answer is YES, then I can say from experience and authority that it's never too late. If we can get in tune with something that guides us, we will achieve things we never thought possible. And far beyond that which we could ever hope to get from our "I want this and I want that" list. If you feel that a more focused look at your life is needed then we can investigate the more personal areas which may be sabotaging your life with a PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT APPROACH. Your company may like to be a market leader, then some TRAINING AND MARKET PSYCHOLOGY may help; if your business needs a kick-start then some methods to accelerate your business may be all that is needed. Alternatively, you may already be successful and have realised that you need a helping hand in getting a fresh perspective on your life, then perhaps EXECUTIVE AND PROFESSIONAL COACHING is for you. Where possible it is always best to meet in person,first by phone and communication is easier these days than ever with many living a very mobile, connected and fluid life. I FLY EVERYWHERE. Life moves so fast, it goes on flowing and is never the same for two consecutive moments. One thing may be right this moment and may not be right the next. The only possible thing is to help people become so aware they themselves can decide how to respond to a changing life. THIS IS HOW I HELP. If you would like to read some of my ideas about getting what you need from life, Read My Blogs here to get a taste and see if something clicks. My special talent lies in helping and supporting people's dreams, encouraging them to find what truly inspires them as they discover joy, happiness and fulfillment in every level of their life. I do this in the form of Mentoring, Executive Coaching, and Leading workshops with larger groups of people. I Can Help You Achieve Life Success By Assisting You Leverage Your Talent and Ability To Live The Life You Need. HOW CAN I ASSIST YOU? First get in touch with me via email or mobile And let me know what your biggest challenge is and how I can help And what idea you have that you're having difficulty getting off the ground And perhaps what specific project you have in mind and How I can connect you with others What mental,emotional or financial challenges you are facing and how you feel I can help And anything else you can think of. Then we can skype or phone. As you will see from my career I was trained and practised as a Lawyer, I am a Real Estate Developer, Workshop Leader for Passion, Personal and Corporate Mentor and Social Media Aficionado. My broader work is in the field of personal development and is with larger groups of people. This I have been doing for the last 25 years. MY OTHER SPECIFIC INTERESTS ARE 1. Personal Development. Personal Development is in the areas of Life Constellations, Family Constellations and the Quest of the Soul. In these workshops I facilitate the respective processes which are highly effective for all relationship issues ranging from all family and marriage issues including divorce, parenting, single parent families, blended families and adoption, to issues of success, self esteem, finding purpose, passion and direction. The purpose of which is to tap into the collective, archaic and ancestral wisdom and energy of humanity, with a strong and experienced facilitator, who is well equipped to hold the space and familiar with the latest cutting edge psychotherapeutic methodologies. Awareness is for my Work with people, what Spices are for curry. Without awareness in our life, we will find out too late that our direction lacked insight. if you have no interest at all in living differently we probably won't fit. SEE MY LIFE CONSTELLATION WEBSITE 2. Writing Ebooks My Ebook on Relationships now out at this site. My Ebook on Men's Health now out at this site. My Ebook on the Alchemy of Change now out at this site -Testimonial about the first book from Plimmer-David Plimmer 11-Sep-09. "Sam is not just a Black Star but also a real bright shining star - Thanks for all your help Sam, you have been there, done it and survived!!. I also recommend Sam's books - packed full of clear, concise info and easy to read the first can be found here. As a Relationship Coach I found this info well worth the read and am going to recommend it to my clients as a must read. Look forward to a fruitful relationship Sam. May the Gods continue to look favourably upon you." David Plimmer. "In a time which sees so many men and women unable to love and live together your book is much needed. Knowing who we are and realising our true potential is work in progress, taking the first step in understanding this journey and finding another to look deeply in the eyes and say "I have the courage to share this journey with you" is where the alchemy can begin. As you said we have to overcome fear! Your book gives some very clear and practical insight into how that can take place. Thank you I am sincerely grateful for the time. experience and contemplation that you have shared with the world in your work". Helen Church Byron Bay, Australia." "Sam is a very supportive and nice man who gives me good suggestions on how to improve my love life and self esteem. I'm here to say thank you to him and I strongly recommend his book "My Alchemy of Love" available here I've read part of the book and I do like it very much as the book gives me some very good ideas about love and humanity which I found it very difficult in my real life. Thanks to Sam for his sharing of his life experience and his book. I found it very inspiring ! Thanks, Sam. Jenny Zhang, China." THE SERIES: The Alchemy of Relationships The Alchemy of Men's Health- The Alchemy of Change The Alchemy of Leverage The Alchemy of Inner Health As Featured On EzineArticlesAs Featured On EzineArticles " /> 3. Accelerated Personal Mentoring is high up there on my list as I love to see people take the jump from security and boredom to abundance and from unsatisfying relationships to those with passionate harmony. Things don't have to be so slow. Check out my Mentoring Website here. The traditional view of a mentoring involves 'wise and trusted guides', advising 'younger or less experienced persons'. A more contemporary view defines mentoring as a relationship based on mutual respect, trust with a two-way communication process. It provides an opportunity for sharing skills and experiences so individuals can develop towards their personal and work related goals. The mentor has wisdom and experience to offer the less experienced person. The mentoree needs to have the drive to acquire this wisdom or insight. Ultimately, the mentor cannot force the mentoree to learn or control how their insights will be deployed by the mentoree. Being a mentor should not be linked to age or bounded by any preconceived ideas about gender, race, religion, area of operation, location, or such like. The value of a mentoring system is in the availability of an individual that understands the processes or issues confronting a colleague and who can offer a 'look around the blind corner' Accelerated Business Mentoring. Whether you make money or not depends on your understanding of the systemic laws that apply not only to families and individuals but to corporations as well. A lack of understanding will sabotage any good intentions. It is said that the "high performance," to any commercial equation, that is one relating to money or any equivalent method of exchange belongs to the emotional intelligence component of the brain, namely the right hemisphere. Systemic Constellations and Coaching provide a new way of looking at things for any organization, business, commercial endeavour or creative enterprise. The old way of thinking and the old concepts and beliefs about money and business are slowly going out the door. The Systemic Constellations in Business, Career, Corporations and Organisations also introduces an alternative way of working with systems other than the traditional business consultancy model. It is deeply human, highly effective and provides clear solutions. ALSO SEE MY WEBSITE 4.Real Estate Mentoring and Real Estate Opportunities .Real estate itself is in my blood and for this reason I do it anytime I feel like it. It usually takes more time than you think, costs more than you thought but often delivers gains most people never experience. I can mentor you to become wealthy through real estate. There are rules and in this market you really need to know what you're doing. Most Recently Acquired Property Deal- Seven Villas Before Renovation- Most Recently Acquired Property Deal- Seven Villas After Renovation- Most Recently Acquired Property Deal- Seven Villas After Renovation- Back View Most Recently Acquired Property Deal- Seven Villas After Renovation- Front View •If anyone wants to reach out for a new self, a new career, happiness and abundance but not quite sure where to start, please free to skype, chat or email without any obligation or expectation. It would be my Privilege. •If anyone needs clarity on their direction please drop me a line or when you see My Skype Online, ring...just for a chat. ALSO SEE MY WEBSITE 30 years of meditation does give a certain clarity. •If anyone needs some friendly practical advice on whether to buy a certain property or properties or whether a deal stacks up please contact me no strings attached. The criteria is much the same in any Country although specifics will be different. ALSO SEE MY WEBSITE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Observations. I've observed over years in and out of mainstream that we can accumulate as much wealth as we like and still not be truly at Ease. I know this for myself and feel without self knowledge, money is worthless. Watch it.......Maybe you have succeeded, but still in the ultimate analysis, ordinary success proves to be a failure. Nothing Fails like Success. You may have accumulated much money, fame, respectability or power but you have wasted your life energy. Money or fame is there but Life is gone. So, what to do? You will have to do what your nature wants you to do, do what your intrinsic qualities hanker to do.....listen to your own heart. Society has corrupted it, so you will have to sort out the wheat from the chaff. If you listen to your own heart very alertly, very attentively and very consciously you will never be wrong and you will never be divided. Listening to your own heart, you will start moving in the right direction, without ever thinking what is right and what is wrong. You will know without doubt you are doing the right thing. Personally I found it helpful to keep searching for what fulfilled me at the deepest level, independent of my childhood conditioning and to loosen the constraints imposed on me by Society. I now live in the world with a real understanding of my obligations to others and am better able to share freely and be of assistance knowing my deepest needs are met. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Real Me I live with the love of my life Ivana and we have been to-gether nearly 11 years. We met in India of course and both share the passion for the Impossible, Meditation that is.We live in a place called Byron Bay and our backyard is a stretch of beach about 20 kms long. This is where we swim, walk and play. Off Kayaking Ivana < Ivana Sri Lanka Thailand Adventure- The Spiritual Me Not only because of the spiritual experiences was I drawn to the East but because of many books I read as a boy on Gurdjeiff, Ouspensky and others. These books showed me that there existed a new way to the existing methods in searching for the Truth. There are three basic ways but the Way which fascinated me was called the Fourth Way. This way calls you to stay IN THE WORLD BUT NOT OF IT. WE all know how these ongoing worldly thoughts, worries, anxieties, carry on even when they serve no constructive purpose. I feel I can help individuals find the jewel that will light up their life. The world is a very consuming mistress and if we are not careful, find out too late that it promises much and delivers little. We need balance and there are methods in life to achieve it. AND A LITTLE OF WHAT I'VE DONE I began as a lawyer years ago and built 2 successful legal practices over 8 years. From this I moved naturally to developing real estate blocks of apartments, flats or condominiums and subdivisions and encouraging others how to use leverage in real estate and elsewhere as I embraced the possibility of buying outside my comfort zone. Networking is another way to increase our leverage and exposure in the world in a friendly manner and encourage others to go beyond survival. I had many successes and sufficient failures to regain my equilibrium. Some of my failures came one after the other as my life of wealth had spoiled me badly. My life was pretty much spiralling down from bad to worse. No excuse really. After regaining my dignity, I understood that if I ever hoped to help anyone in life recover financially or emotionally and balance their lives intelligently I would need to do the same. It took me three months to understand this and another five years to succeed again in the world. I stopped working in the traditional sense (real estate can hand you huge gifts ) and began my work with Psychotherapy where I learned the tools to begin my journey of transformation. Subsequently my time in the East helped me understand how I could be the Master of my Mind and a lot more. I Love sharing ideas and possibilities with anyone keen and open. My ongoing interest in meditation, yoga, swimming, running, travelling, kayaking, love, life and laughter helps me keep balance. Easy is Right. SAM ________________________________________ Some Books I have Loved: Some Financial Wealth Books By Jim Rogers for An Adventurous Approach George Soros for Vision Jack Schwager for Accurate Share Trader Interviews Robert Allen for Real Estate Inventiveness John Assaraf for a Right Brain Approach to Wealth Kazuo Inamori for Philanthropic Daring Trump for Determination and Persistence Robert Kiyosaki for A Financial Wake Up call Some Other Books: Penetrating Laughter on Hakuin Teachers of Gurdgieff by Fort Meetings With Remarkable Men by Gurdjieff Anatomy of a Myth- Autobiography of Gurdgieff Jonathan Livingstone Seagull by Richard Bach. Mowgli by Rudyard Kipling The Book of the Secrets by Osho Siddartha by Herman Hesse The Brain that Changes Itself by Doidge A Whole New Mind by Daniel H. Pink The Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda The Teachings of the Jade Dragon by Hsi Lai for men The Teachings of the White Tigress by Hsi Lai for women Anything by Krishnamurti Anything by Osho The Book of Mirdad by Mikhail Naimy In Search of the Miraculous by Ouspensky Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell And Many Others


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