Sharon Eden



Founder and Director at The Passion Whisperer



Professional and executive women can often feel stuck, professionally or personally. When this happens, I can provide a solution. I work with professional and executive women who feel stuck to find greater confidence, self-belief, courage and their Passion to create a life they love... Without, necessarily, throwing away their current career and life... unless they really want to!

I outline how to do that in my book, Whack Around The Head - Purpose, passion and power at work right now! And, in over 25 years' experience, knowledge and wisdom in the personal development field, as a coach-trainer-psychotherapist-alchemist-speaker, including a master's degree, my absolute forte is transformation work through the power of passion.

Even more, I believe a paradigm shift in human evolution is occurring.  That there is a push from the collective unconscious for us to be passionating-freedom-honouring-collaborating-oneforall-allforone-peace’n’prospering-humanity.  And while men will, of course, be involved, I believe women will spearhead this shift... You better believe it!

So I am most definitely helping to change the world through helping women change their world with Passion!



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