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Thanks for visiting my profile. I'd like to share a story with you...

Once upon a time there was an IT Trainer called Shelley. Upon applying for my first training job at a well established training company I was asked "can you reinvent yourself?" This proved to be a defining moment in my life. I replied, "I have done that several times already!"

We are continually reinventing ourselves, we grow from children to adults, from single to married (or partnered) from taking to giving, from employed to self employed. Shelley Fishel IT trainer The training surgery After 4 and a half years as an employee I ventured out into the big wide world of Freelance Training, still contributing to my former employer as an Associate Trainer and Lead Trainer of projects.

I found the world of the Freelance Trainer to be varied and interesting, and realised that there is a need out there in the big wide world for a different kind of training company.

One that allows busy professionals to learn in their own workplace, without the hassle of travelling to a training centre and crucially, to have short focus sessions.

So In 2007 The Training Surgery was born. As I mentioned in the opening paragraph we are often reinventing ourselves both in business and in our personal lives. We have launched an online training system which will enable you or your staff to learn whatever they need whenever and wherever they are. Visit us HERE where you can book online. We have recently rebranded and are now called The IT Training Surgery; as that is what we do, train in IT Software.

"Quality is also extremely important to me, and that is why The IT Training Surgery is an Accredited Training Provider accredited by the Learning and Performance Institute." Institute of IT training logo
So how do we work at The Training Surgery?The Training Surgery logo
What does
The IT Training Surgery Offer?
We offer three types of face to face IT Training and we also offer Training online, which you can do anytime and from anywhere with an Internet connection Choose from one of our off the shelf courses, a Bespoke course designed especially for your organisation or an IT Training Surgery where your team can come for an individual appointment with a trainer to learn exactly what they need. Our new tag line reflects this philosophy perfectly - Learn only what you need when you need IT.


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Take IT Personally
Lasting success
Sometimes we find that an organisation needs to get a group of staff to a similar standard of software proficiency. In this case it is better to run a series of structured courses followed up by a series of Training Surgery days spread over a period of time, to provide ongoing support. Courses can be run in house at the organisation's premises or at our own training rooms, whatever is best for the client.
For more information or to book a consultation please call:
020 8203 1774
or email:
So how do we work at The Training Surgery?
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I am very happily married to David - and we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary last year with a fantastic trip to China - it really  does not feel that long at all.Â… You can read about our travels and experiences on the blog.

We are the proud parents of four fab adults. Our daughter Elizabeth, our son Mark and his wife Rocheli, and our youngest Jonathan.

In November 2011 we became grandparents for the first time!

I enjoy reading especially detective fiction and I love having family and friends over for meals at the weekends too. Please drop me a line to say hello! I love to get to know people through networking and welcome your connection.

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