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Summary This is the link to find out what personality type you are. Try it - based on Jung, and then Myers & Briggs developed the process. It is both fun and fascinating. Bruce Lewin and 4 Groups have done their thing with me too. Fascinating stuff, and very accurate too, even the bits that I would like to (will) change. A brief bio I started out as an accountant and took 12 years to discover that I enjoyed new ideas and selling them much more than keeping score. So I changed career - happiness ensued. Along the way, I have worked in interesting places with very clever people who taught me valuable lessons, some of which I learnt and managed to practice a bit! I am fortunate in that many of them still continue to help me and this is a major source of my hope, joy and education. However, walking youngest son Toby to school in the morning is also a job that is great fun too. Toby is 7. He knows everyone in the village and everyone knows him, so the short walk takes a long time. We have been making this walk for 6 years now, first with his older brother, and now just him. I am interested in technology as a business facilitator and for solving problems, people who have new ideas who want to make it happen, and then helping them do so. I enjoy learning about new ways and new things that are completely outside my day-to-day life. I am a fanatic rugby follower (WASPS) now that I am finally too old and decrepit to play. I stay fit by looking after a garden that has an ambition to be a jungle and renovating a house that does not deserve either the investment or the love. 4 boys and a very capable wife ensure that I understand where my priorities lie and where my abilities are best focused. I believe that if you want it bad enough you will get it - but beware, there are costs. So be sure you, and those you love, are prepared to pay the price that is required in order for you to achieve your goal. I have met some great people through Ecademy who I hope I have helped a bit and who have most definitely helped me. So what do you want to do; how can I help? If I can't help, I might know someone who can. Drop me an e-mail or give me a call. Now here is the 'ad break'. I am a director and co-founder of Market Sentinel monitors the Online world, and using Influence Analysis (based on the principle's of citation in the academic world), we enable an organisation to understand who has influence over the perception of an organisation or a brand and to what degree. We also monitor consumer generated commentary analysing why people are positive or negative about a brand, product or service. This could be your brand and also your competitors brand or service. This information enables a targeted approach to address those people who influence a market, and campaigns that address the opportunities and issues in the market. By targeting spend as opposed to scattering money on unsubstantiated ideas, and organisation can ensure a much better return and indeed, measure how well their efforts are being received. Our tools also allow an organisation to understand the impact of a campaign by measuring the change in the sentiment of those with influence and authority, and through the Net Promoters Index, measure and understand the effect on the grass roots public who are your customers or prospective customers. Having the tools that can measure the change allows an organisation to calculate the Return on Investment from marketing activity. Our challenge is to highlight the fact that the buying public rely far more on 'word of mouth' than they do on mainstream advertising as a source of major influence on a brand. That conversation is happening Online in a major way in chat rooms, forum, networks like Ecademy and individual blog sites. Our clients are in Telecom, Technology, Natural Nesources, PR and Media, including Fortune 100 and FTSE 100 organisations. The Avis Europe case study provides a complete view of the value of what we do. Clients include: Cable & Wireless British Gas BP Land Rover Jaguar Hyundai Penguin Dorling Kindersley Avis Yahoo Europe! Intuit The Venice Project (Joost) Experian Norwich Union Industry Trust for Intellectual Property Cadbury Schweppes Rio Tinto GSK Co-op Financial Services Nationwide Abbott Laboratories Bacardi The University of Central England Ramada Jarvis 3i BBC Tesco Clubcard Sky Chorion Absolut Disney Blue Square Mecca Bingo Ogilvy PR Blue Rubicon Borkowski End of adverts...
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