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Thames Translations, based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, offering translation and Interpreting services in all languages. Tel 08700 111130 I am the managing director of Thames Translations - one of the longest established translation agencies in the UK. I also publish The Hertfordshire Business Independent, the premier business magazine in Hertfordshire. We also run The Hertfordshire Business Expo, a 6 monthly Exhibition and Conference attracting approx 700 delegates. see Thames Translations - based in Harpenden Hertfordshire - provides high quality translation services to a broad range of professional and commercial organisations. Thames Translations utilises over 2000 'mother-tongue qualified' translators who are experts in many different disciplines. I acquired Thames Translations (now in its 40th successful year) in 1997. Our success continues to be built on a reputation for excellence, reliability and innovation. Our 'online project management' system which enables clients to monitor their projects through every stage of delivery, is an industry leader. Prior to owning Thames Translations I set up my own music business with my own studio and label. When some of our biggest selling tracks achieved international success and sales really took off, I experienced at first hand the enormous power and potential of international markets. The breaking down of cultural business barriers was one of the things that really inspired me to become involved in translations. I derive enormous satisfaction from the success of my company. And it's a real buzz for me to see clients doing well as a result of the services that our agency provides. Outside work, I relax by playing tennis, representing Harpenden in the Herts League. This is me playing at Wimbledon!, not actually during the championships unfortunately. The people you can see are mannequins, used for the making of the movie "Wimbledon" shot a few years back I also love cooking and spending time with my wife and two children.

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