Sophia Demetriades Toftdahl


Demetriades toftdahl

Strategic Relationship Manager at Dream Internship & Sophia D.


Sophia Demetriades has 15 years experience delivering strategies to help people and organisations be more effective. Sophia has interviewed and worked with more than 300 entrepreneurs and 1000 students, researching success in entrepreneurship, organisational behavior, networking and job hunting. Her aim is to fill communication gaps through Strategic Relationship Management, where open two-way symmetrical communication is the ideal.

Sophia helps people and organisations increase their visibility, credibility and profitability. From optimising their LinkedIn profiles to educating on behavioral styles, she has doubled staff and contractors (40+), delivered innovative programs for education institutions, and found internships or work for more than 400 people. 

Sophia is the founder of Dream Internship (DIA), a 2012 nominee for Sydney Business Awards with the most votes in their category Education and Training. DIA is a global consultancy that connects people and organisations through customised mentoring and internship programs.

Sophia frequently speaks at Universities, Education Agents, Chambers of Commerce, and she is a newly appointed trainer in Business Network International (BNI) - the worlds largest referral marketing network. Her work is featured in UWS Student and iStudent Magazines, Nordstrand Blad (Norway), Radio Adelaide and in her own blog.

Speaking 5 languages has increased Sophia’s people skills including effective and creative thinking, negotiation and problem solving, cross-cultural communication and counseling, and empathy in dealing with colleagues and clients. 

She has a proven track record as a versatile and skilled professional with experience across Business Operations, Teaching and Education Management, Human Resources, Public Relations, International Business and Journalism. 

In her spare spare time, Sophia really enjoys writing about herself in the third person.

Specialties:Mentoring and management counceling. Public Relations and communications research, creative copy writing, project management, B2B sales, international relations, recruitment, interviewing skills, information analysis, career planning, execution of developed goals, guides and schedules. Knowledge of electronic research resources and an extensive number of databases used by educational institutions in Australia, database administration.