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sophia hong




my company has a perfect green project seeking angel investor $1.2M to start up wtih profit space of angel partner will being $4M--$12M during 1.5years skype : Sophiahong19 About Sophiahong: CEO at Green Action Fund CEO at Superstar Heroine Greenartfilm Studio independent greenfilm producer, screenwriter, director, heroine ,greenaction artist, trend designer Since 1999, Sophiahong, an independent green filmmaker&artist has spearhead worked to combat the negative effects of industrialize economic developing cause climate change in China. All her efforts include anti-corruption behavior and green action by her greenfilm &artistic works for more than 10 years,with her artistic research for green action can dedicated to educating public on the risks, challenges, and solutions to climate change and ecobalance . • June15,2009 China Daily interviewed sophiahong with "greenfilmmaker keep her efforts forward" • Dec13,2009 Copenhagen Summit, Sophiahong as "superstar heroine of greenaction in 21st"been disseminated by a great chinese media book !!! • utill 2009, sophiahong's greenaction party already have more than 300 experts members joined . welcome you join in our greenaction party ~! 1.Superstar heroine of greenaction in 21st as a green artist and a greenfilm producer,director,screenwriter,heroine actress,sophiahong use the recycle paper do her green water color paintings and videos,speech works with a naturalist's vivid & fresh feeling and emotion of a ecologicalist's awareness,also combine the aesthetics of eastern & western culture.all the inspiration just came from her greenfilm series since 1999! The green paintingseries just stems from the inspiration of her green film series. the materials stick to use water color and the recycle paper also express her anxious and rebel for the undisciplined human desire destroyed enviorment,meanwhile she infinite look forward to rebuilding the pure land with the harmony living together between the human and nature throughout the green action. -------->Sophiahong's Greenlight gallery paintings online promote sales http://www.artwanted.com/sophiahong 2.About Sophiahong' greenaction party : 21century is a challenge era, we facing so much unexpected crisis with climate change, how do we can sustainable development? How could we get sustainable relationship with moral right? The greenaction party spearheaded by independent greenfilm artist Sophiahong just show us the solutions. the party for everyone who are like to do green action projects with seeking greener partners and stuffs or finding fashion advertis platform to present their greener products to the public and get greenaction awards of their charity donation and supports ! with our hand in hand greenaction will make the world being a paradise! -------->http://www.ecademy.com/club/greenaction -------->http://www.xing.com/net/greenaction -------->http://greenaction.grouply.com 3.Sophiahong's Green-art-film Projects description: my company has a perfect green project seeking angel investor $1.2M to start up wtih profit space of angel partner will being $4M--$12M during 1.5years skype : Sophiahong19 As someone says: Anything that is morally right is ultimately good for business! 4.About sponsor's donation: at least RMB6million or $1,000,000 /per film Charity green sponpors with our hand in hand greenaction will make the world being a paradise! ------>http://www.youtube.com/sophiahong 5.About Sophiahong's Superstar heroine greenartfilm studio : Superstar Heroine greenartfilm studio established in 2005 in beijing,the famous culture center in China ! As an independent filmmaker , producer, screenplay, herione, Sophiahong is the soul leader of her talented and innovative team including 40 specialists in the development,production, distribution.Studio will bring the greenaction influence to the domestic&international market. to really benefit to the global public ! The studio purpose to promote friendship,enlarge exchange,strengthen cooperation and develop together. it will carry the soul of humanity culture to the world, meanwhile it will bring back high quality sponsors from everywhere around the whole world! 6.Cooperation Form: shares rewards and awards ,brand advertising in the movie,exihibition to global public in the international filmfestivels and multimedia green- art-film events&champions! 7.Sophiahong's GreenArtFilms forecast: Construction period: 1 mouth for pre stage , 1 mouth for produce, 2 mouth for post stage Release time :1 year in china&asia and european ,american market. 8.Sophiahong' green-art-film projects With sponsors' donation for sustainable win-win development! dear all greeners you are welcome i seeking green sponsors' donation , or angel fund will have 30% shares