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The skills of being Entrepreneurial is a family trait past down from my ancestors who were in the Entertainment Industry.

My working life started off in the National Westminster Bank, an early adopter of a P.C my love for technology led to to undertake a City and Guilds Diploma. I had been introduced to Network Marketing in the early 1980's and left the corporate world in 1992 to start my own business services - Ivey Business Services - an office support service that has evolved to Digital Skills..

I loved the possibilities that were achievable with technology- communication fascinates me and how you can communicate easily on an international basis using technology that is accessible to us all..

Founder of the #hashtag #TheConnector - since my #Ecademy days - a connector by nature and with #technology. I am actively networking online Internationally across LinkedIn - Twitter - Facebook and #Sunzu. Actively using the apps located on #SmartPhones to build a network of potential customers - JV's and partnership opportunities..

Currently starting a new project to teach SME's how to use #SOCIALMEDIA #apps to #communicate and raise their #visibility online and build a community of potential new customers around their brand/service/product.

How We Connect, Keep Promises, & Earn #RelationshipCapital

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