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Harvard davis

CEO at Vidshorts


I’m passionate about what I do.

Producing short video for SME's to help promote themselves has come out of producing my own videoblog that generates over 12,000 views a month and generates business enquiries

Secondly developing new and restructured teams so that they maximise their productivity is something I've done for over fifteen years. This passion began when I discovered that 4 out of 10 restructured teams unnecessarily fail to deliver expected results leading to disappointment and lost energy and it's this reason why I’ve spent the past twelve years focused on this very specific but vital area for business success.

As a result I firmly believe that it's TOOLS NOT RULES that helps a business understand and reach their mission critical results faster and more effectively.

By now you can probably tell that I have an insatiable interest in improving business capability so was thrilled when I was told by CB,
"I am a strong advocate of your material. Mainly though I think the content is vital. It has demonstrable ROI and is hugely relevant in this time of constant change. I would recommend it to anyone serious about the long-term success of their business"

Now I know you don’t know me but that’s no reason why we shouldn’t talk. So if you feel that I can help with your team or people restructure then email me or better still Skype or phone because there’s no substitute for a two way conversation and so that we can explore whether I can help you and your team or not.


Web:         Assimilating-Talent  
Web:         Stephen Harvard Davis
YouTube:   Stephenharvarddavis
Twitter:     @talentmentor

Specialties: Team Strategist, team restructure, team recovery, team doctor, team change, team development, human capital management, executive mentor, sales growth, change calalyst, broadcaster, conference speaker, keynote speaker, conference moderator, management consulting

Work delivery:
I work for large as well as very small businesses and even individual senior managers. Including BBC for Business, Cancer Research UK, The Cost Reduction Partnership, The Doctors Laboratory, The Institute of Credit Management, The Office of The Rail Regulator, The Strategic Rail Authority, TCS Publishing in Amsterdam, Radio Times, Three Valleys Water and Violia Environmental.

Business Speaker and writer
As well as managing Assimilating-Talent I'm also a business speaker and writer on job transition I love sharing my expertise with other entrepreneurs and business leaders.

I was delighted with the feedback from Caspar Berry: "I have seen Stephen speaking on more than one occasion and am a strong advocate of his material. The talk is fun and engaging with a deft touch. Mainly though I think the content is vital. It has a demonstrable ROI and is hugely relevant in this time of constant change. I would recommend it to anyone serious about the long term success of their business".

I'm flattered flattered to have been invited to speak at The Said Business School at Oxford University, Loughborough and Hertfordshire Universities, BBC for Business, CIPD, Insitute of Credit management, Institute of Directors, CBI, Institute of Leadership and Management, Business Links, B2B Show, Women in Business forum, Arsenal Football Club, Clydesdale Bank and SumTotal Systems at BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts), amongst others.


Personal stuff
I enjoy golf, swimming, cooking and eating good food. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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