Steve Podmore




Steve Podmore is the founder of Transform Capital Management, a visionary for a Global Impact Investment Bank, which aim to deploy a series of large scale innovative investment funds to re-engineer the investment process for early stage sustainable innovation and development. The goal is unleash hidden potential and to remove some of the largest bottlenecks to solving our climate, energy and resource challenges on a scale to make a difference. With TCM founded as a social / commercial hybrid, and with governance and fulfilment of the social aims to be delivered via the Get Stuff Done Foundation, Steve has been heavily involved in some of the leading thinking on mechanisms for maximum social change. He is an advocate, writer and speaker on the transition to, and role of new and better forms of capitalism, and on the economic and policy levers which need to be pulled to achieve it. In summary, a pragmatic idealist, economic theorist, believer in workings markets, and an an architect of better forms of finance to enable them. Or, a finance, technology & environmental entrepreneur, seeking to do good for the world & make money at the same time.