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Managing Director at Test Partners Ltd


Don't Panic!

I'm not going to try to sell you anything. Really. Unless you absolutely insist.

Since 2003 I have built many relationships with advocates and resellers on Ecademy, and this remains my main interest. Some of these relationships are mutual, while others are one-way in one direction or the other.

I have also found many suppliers, contractors and staff here, and provide whatever support I can through various Ecademy groups.

If you would like to investigate how we can help each other, please get in touch.

What We Do

My company specialises in software quality, and our clients are organisations that want to ensure that their software (usually their website) works first time and every time. It's not enough that it can work - they want to know that it will work. You will have heard of websites failing and you may well have experienced failures yourself. Sometimes the functionality is broken, sometimes the sites don't work with certain browsers and many websites are inaccessible to people with disabilities. All these failures cost money and in many cases they are totally avoidable. Real-life example 1 An e-commerce website had reduced the price of 30 products from £9.99 to £4.99 and was offering any one of them free. We found it was trivially easy to obtain all 30 of them free, although we only took two in order to prove the method worked, and informed the company we had done so. Real-life example 2 A small e-commerce site had been turning over £10k a month for a couple of years, but this fell to £2.5k following a redesign, and the analytics showed a massive increase in abandonment at the checkout stage. After a couple of months (i.e. a loss of £15k) the designers could not find the fault, and they asked us to investigate. It took us a day and a half to find the fault, for which we charged just £750.

Test Partners - When your software really needs to work

Who We Do It For

We have conducted more than 700 projects for more than 200 clients ranging from home-based micro-businesses to multinational corporates, SMEs, public sector organisations and non-profit organisations. The panel below shows a few - hover over the links below the panel to see the different categories.
More Corporates
Digital agencies
Digital agencies 2

Test Partners - Breaking software since 2001

About Me

The employee I was recently described as a 'lone Jedi', and for most of my working life that has been a fair description. I've set out to be the best at whatever I do, and done whatever I thought was the right thing to do, regardless of what my employers thought. I was anti-authoritarian, contrarian, adversarial and most definitely not a team player (I am yet to be convinced that tolerating the mediocrity of others is a laudable objective). I look at every product, every process, every service and ask how it can be done better, faster, more efficiently. Routines exist to be broken and orthodoxy exists to be challenged; viewpoints that unsurprisingly got me into plenty of trouble throughout my education and employment. The employer As a business owner things have to be a bit different, but the strong sense of ethics and determination to excel and innovate still underpin everything the company does. The challenge now is to find people who are not only already talented, but have the intellectual capacity and drive to get to where we need to be in a decade's time. When I'm not working Outside of work I spend most of my time at rock and goth clubs or watching live bands. I used to play in pub-rock bands for many years and would jump at the chance to do so again. Anyone looking for a bass player in West London? I love the Far East and holiday there whenever I can. Business and pleasure have taken me to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea, most of them several times. In an ideal world that's where our Test Centre would be, and who knows, maybe one day...

Test Partners - Working 24/7 so you don't need to

Company Profile

Test Partners is a UK-based software testing company specialising in the testing of e-commerce, e-banking, e-marketing, e-learning and e-business applications. Services include functionality, compatibility, usability, accessibility, load and stress, email and multimedia testing.

We specialise in manual exploratory testing and Rapid Testing, a powerful technique that finds the biggest bugs in the shortest time and provides the highest value for money of any testing methodology. It also has a proven history of finding critical faults that could not be found through scripted and automated testing.

Our customers range from small web developers to blue-chip companies including high street banks, with projects lasting from half a day to several months.

Our website contains details of a wide range of other services, all of which will protect and enhance your revenue and reputation by ensuring the best possible user-experience.

Test Partners - The UK's leading website accessibility specialists


Does your website look good and work correctly with browsers other than Internet Explorer? Like Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, AOL, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome etc? You don't know? Now you can find out. And it won't cost you anything!

All the facilities in our Test Centre are available free to all Ecademists who want to come here and use them. You'll have access to tons of hardware, every Windows and Mac operating system and browser you could ever want and loads more. Thousands of pounds worth of kit - totally free!

We're open 24/7/365, the parking is free (for bikes and motorbikes), it's free to get in, the tea and coffee are free and there are even free Jaffa Cakes (as long as you bring them).

And there's more!

  • Don't have the time or skills to do the testing yourself? Drop me a line and I'll see what we can do. I'm always happy to run a few tests or send some screenshots if that's all you need.
  • Need advice on website accessibility? Just ask at the Accessibility and Usability Club or contact me privately.
  • Looking for an impartial assessment of your website? Why not visit the Website Critique Club where I'm a regular contributor.

Test Partners - Serving a global customer base since 2001

Reseller Opportunity

We are particularly interested in identifying individuals or companies to resell our services either under our name to take advantage of our reputation or as 'white-label' services sold under your own brand. Our services are relevant to any company that develops or purchases software (especially new media), so the potential is almost unlimited.

Commission rates are generous and we have some very good reference customers. As this is a specialised business we will provide all the technical support needed, attend meetings and prepare documentation and quotations.

If you have an existing customer base (no matter how small), or are willing to invest your time in seeking new sales opportunities please contact



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