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Sign-up here for my free email newsletter - "The MediaCoach". How to massively improve your profile and Profits - New Book! Ping! I help individuals and companies build and protect their reputations using all types of media. My clients include Google, The Savoy, Virgin, BMW, The Beverly Hills Hotel, Glaxo, Vodafone, Guinness World Records - and maybe you. I'm also a speaker, so if you'd like to book me to speak, facilitate or chair your event, drop me a line or give me a call on 07986 852621 Sign-up here for my free email newsletter - "The MediaCoach". Still a best-seller - The Pocket Media Coach MediaCoach provides cost-effective training and coaching for anyone who has to face the media, deliver presentations, speak in public, or pitch for business. In fact, We guarantee to remove your fear of speaking in public, or on the media - otherwise you don't pay us a penny. Call on 020 8220 6919, or email to find out what we can do for you. My passions? After my wife and daughter, there's good food and wine, running, travel, music photography (no comma intended) and writing (latest book is here). I'm also co-leader of the Ecademy running club. I'm always happy to talk to fellow Ecademists and Ecademy groups about any of the topics listed below - contact me via a link on this page if you're interested. MediaCoach works worldwide, and provide group training and individual coaching by telephone or face-to-face, in every aspect of media skills, presentation skills and pitching skills. As a PR Professional and member of the Institute of Public Relations, I ensure that MediaCoach delivers the best possible service. You can book tailored coaching and training at short notice, while never compromising on quality. One of our specialities is crisis management training, providing you with an always on-call service should the worst happen. As a Public Speaker and Past President of the Global Speakers Federation, I insist that MediaCoach trainers are also competent and regular speakers. They know what it is like to face a live audience - and they are able to draw on their experiences to help the most timid speaker become a good presenter. I offer a number of presentations which are always well-received, including -

  • Free Publicity that's worth a fortune (How to get customers without advertising)
  • How to manage the media to promote your business (Why you shouldn't ever turn down a request to talk to a reporter)
  • Ten low-cost ways to boost your business (If times are hard, what can you do to give your business a lift without breaking the bank?)
  • What do Journalists want? (and how to provide it to them)
  • The 7 Secrets of Media Mastery
  • Winning websites you can build today
  • Why some brands win - and others lose
  • Throw away the rule book (and increase your profit)
  • Make your own Adventure

To book a speech, or make an enquiry, send me a message or phone 020 8220 6919. Having worked for 21 years at Consumers' Association, and also being a member of the British Computer Society, I still broadcast regularly on technology and consumer issues. This ensures that I keep up to date with both the latest tools and techniques, and also keeps me aware of the issues faced by radio and TV interviewees. Unlike other media training companies which are run by ex-journalists, our training and coaching is based on the feelings of the interviewee - something which I understand very well indeed. MediaCoach has a pool of working media journalists and presenters that we draw from to provide exactly the kind of training that you need. Our public courses and masterclasses provide excellent value if the PR budget is limited, and we are adept at providing cost-effective in-house training for small groups. To find out what we can offer you or your clients, call Media Coach now Call us on 020 8220 6919, or email

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