Stuart Beattie



Managing Director at Black Opal Systems


I managed 3 months holiday, as an annual average, during my adult years of employment in the corporate world. Quality of life matters: we are not living in a dress-rehearsal.

A Master in the Art of Living. "I draw no sharp distinction between my work and my play, my labour and my leisure, my mind and my body, my education and my recreation. I simply pursue my vision of excellence through whatever I am doing and leave others to determine whether I am working or playing. To myself, I am always doing both." Author unknown

My business specialises in enabling experts to sell their knowledge online. See here for a collaboration with Employment Law expert Guy Thompson.

What I am most seeking from other members is contact with people who want to sell their expertise online.

In 2006, at age 46, I got married for the first time - thus surprising a great many family and friends. Jacqueline and I had missed each other by two days on a kibbutz 22 years prior to meeting again via internet dating in 2004.

I gained a degree in Astronomy from the University of Sheffield. In the twenty five years since then I have averaged three months each year on holiday, back-packing my way through more than fifty countries - mostly in Africa. I worked as a VSO Volunteer for three years in Namibia and recently converted from skiing to snowboarding. My background is a small village in deepest rural Northamptonshire where my father, grandfather and great-grandfather all lie buried in the local churchyard. My niece went to the same school that I went to, my mother went to, my grandmother went to and my great-grandmother went to.


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