Stuart Buchan




Hi All I was born in the most North Easterly point in the UK, namely Wick in Caithness. My dad (a fisherman's son from The Blue Toon - Peterhead) was working as a Government Radio Officer at Wick Radio. He met and married my mum, with the beautiful name of Reuetta and begat me and then my two brothers. We moved to Fife, and apart from a eight year spell that I had living, learning and working in Edinburgh, that's been my home most of my life. I studied at Leith Nautical College, then joined Vickers Oceanics, a manned submersible operator in Leith, providing essential services to the oil industry. During the next ten years, I was promoted, made redundant, re-hired, promoted and made redundant again, then started and grew my own international consultancy business. Throughout my career I studied part-time, plus latterly one year full-time and eventually attained a PhD in Engineering Management. I joined several organisations and collected designatory letters like people collect stamps, e.g. CEng, MIERE, MBIM, FSERT, FIDiagE, believing this was the right way to get on in business. Other "valuable" networking subscriptions included membership of the Institute of Directors (IoD) and Mensa! Actually, I was an arrogant so-and-so but was soon to realise that humility was about to be forced on me ... the oil price/industry collapsed. Having earned substantial income, with five-star treatment, I was too proud to bite the bullet and downgrade to a Contract Engineer but continued to operate as a Consultant! This was the rolling snowball that turned into an avalanche, because I lost credibility and several lucrative contracts which almost culminated in personal bankruptcy. Fortunately, my IoD relationship was intact and via a senior Director at Ernst & Young, made an acquaintance that would change the course of my career. I met a self-made millionaire who ran several companies across Scotland. He became my mentor and business partner, teaching me all about commerce, investment, finance and consultative selling! He unfortunately suffered a personal tragedy, which meant that he took a back seat in (or sold) his businesses and eventually I was made redundant. Thereafter, I moved back to my first love Electronics/Technology and worked for some marvellous companies* in various sales positions, ranging from Sales Executive, Sector Specialist, through Account Manager to Account Director. *Farnell Electronic Services, Arrow Electronics, Sanderson Computers, Lucent Technologies, Avaya, SEEL, Redstone Communications, Kingston Communications and latterly Network Training Solutions.

I've generally had a very successful career selling but gradually realised that to achieve financial independence, with the freedom to go with it, I would have to find a way to leverage my time and effort. Fortunately, I knew what it was, having observed Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Google, etc. grow rapidly by empowering people on the Internet.
Now, I'm involved in helping people set up their own home-based internet business and mentoring them towards quick, sustained and increasing success. If you would like to be part of the next Microsoft, Yahoo or AOL, get in touch and I'll gladly share it with you! Click here! to find out how to create leverage and gain economic power. I am married to an absolute gem, my best friend, lover and sole mate, Alice. We have two boys - Craig and Jordan - at home! I've got four daughters (Yvonne, Michelle, Heather and Jemma) from two previous marriages. You might say it was "third time lucky" finding Alice, but I say it was fate and faith that brought us together. Have a prosperous day and an even better tomorrow!


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