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How Much can you Earn as a Substance Abuse Conselor

Are you thinking about becoming a substance abuse counselor? Did you know that there are more than twenty million people that are addicted to drugs or alcohol at any given point of time just in the United States? That is an appalling number isn't it? So maybe it's time you did something about it. A lot of these people honestly want to get help but the lack of proper counselors makes it hard for them. This is the main reason why substance abuse counseling is quickly becoming one of the most well paying and lucrative jobs throughout the country. You can look as subtance abuse counselor salary at earning close to $ 50,000 every year just by being a counselor. And if this comes to you as a surprise then what will surprise you even more is the relative ease with which you can become a certified counselor.

Have you been thinking of giving back to the community in recent years but just don't know what to do? This is the perfect job for you. You'll be helping people who actually need your help. There is no better feeling than that now is there? The level of fulfillment available at this job is not available anywhere else. But before you get started it is important for you to understand what exactly this job will demand of you. It isn't as easy as it looks. You will need to be patient, respectful, compassionate and understanding if you want to do your job properly.

And apart from handling your patients you will even have to motivate their families and loved ones to carry on with their treatment even though it may seem very difficult. You will most probably be working in a hospital, jail, clinic, shelter or school. So if you aren't prepared for such surroundings then this probably isn't the right job for you. These are the places you're going to meet most people that have issues with substance abuse so you better get used to it.

You will need to get certified by social services before you can call yourself a licensed substance abuse counselor. You will need to get a bachelors degree in something like Psychology or Counseling. You can further increase your yearly income by adding a master’s degree to your list of accolades. Depending on which state you reside in you may even have to pass a few exams and attend a few training sessions. You will even have to attend workshops on counseling. But this really isn't too much to do now is it?

You can hope to earn around $ 30,000 a year from the very outset and this figure is only going to keep rising as time goes by. So if you are sick and tired of your dead end job and want to repay society, then this is the perfect job for you. Don't waste anymore time, start working towards becoming a substance abuse counselor today.