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Hey my friends, first things first... this post is not directed at any one person. It is not meant to say anyone is doing anything wrong, or anything like that... What this post IS meant to do however is wake people up to the fact that often times what we are doing is only hindering ourselves, and sometimes we subconsciously actually hinder other people. And what I am talking about is 'Unchecked Negativity'. Meaning... negativity that you haven't actually INVESTIGATED yourself first, dealt with yourself first, and found the true source your self FIRST. Let me explain... I see a lot of people getting lots of value from this community. There are TREMENDOUS leaders here, who out of their own good will are helping others everyday. I could name a bunch but I won't to keep things simple. However, when I read posts that use very negative words. Words that just reak of negativity, blame, frustration, impatience, lack of consciousness, responsibility, and accountability... It makes me wonder whether I'm running a baby sitters club or I'm actually coaching people on how to be LEADERS in this industry and turn into the type of people that can create a SUCCESSFUL business from scratch. Because I will tell you this... if you are stuck in a mindset where the world owes you something, where you are feeling sorry for yourself, where you just want to vent anger or frustration, or whatever else... Then you are NOT on the path to success. You are on the path to more misery... to put it quite simple. Because you're missing the PRIMARY point. You're missing the REAL message from the Universe, which is, there are many things you haven't figured out inside which are causing all these secondary feelings. You are probably filled with fear, desperation, anger, pain, or whatever else that is causing such emotion. My PRIMARY PURPOSE is to investigate these things first. It's to figure out THESE problems first... because those are the CORE problems. Those are the core instabilities that result in the instability we see in the rest of our lives. Something as simple as a 'Getresponse' account, or creating a campaign in the mastermind system is honestly a trivial joke in comparison to these things. Yet it constantly seems that everyone has it backwards. Complaining about something which is 100x less complicated, important, or difficult to understand is the NORM... while the unchecked emotions that cause lack of leadership, success, and stability just continue to run rampant. Well, guess what. My community is called 'The Bankers', and I'm pretty much DONE with it. If you expect me to hang out in this Group everyday, sharing my advice, helping people, and spending time here... then this place is going to clean up fast. Because my mindset, my being, and how I LIVE does not tolerate such things. I don't tolerate them within myself, and I'm darn well not going to tolerate them on a larger scale in this Group. If I start to see negative posts, born from fear, desperation, or what I'm calling 'Unchecked Negativity'... I will delete them and send you a message to "Rethink" how to say what you're trying to express... and come back when you're ready to approach it as a true professional. Lets get a few things clear here... You are totally free to ask any question you want, ask for any help you want, post any thought on your mind... That is 100% what this Group is for. Don't think for a minute you can't do that. But what I'm challenging everyone to do hear is be really CONSCIOUS before they do that. To NOT let any negativity you might have, spill out on to other people who are here to Learn, Grow, and DEVELOP into better human beings and entrepreneurs. This is an environment that needs to be NOURISHED, not infected. And on top of it... everyone who is here helping ANYONE else is doing so out of the goodness of their hearts. They are doing it because they want to be LEADERS. Because they are stepping up and building a name for themselves, and stepping into a leadership role. No one owes anyone anything... So if we are not coming from a place of APPRECIATION, respect, and gratitude out of every post we post when we ask for help... We are showing that on a higher level "We Don't Get It". If we're not coming from a place of gratitude, and appreciation, we are showing that we are too wrapped up in our own worlds to see the higher truth of what's going on here. Now, I can hear what a few of you are thinking, or might be subconsciously thinking... "Isn't that how the world is ?" Isn't that just normal? Isn't that how everyone acts? How could I be expected to be conscious, and in appreciation for each one of my acts? And I won't lie... it's a tough thing to do. :) It's very difficult to hold yourself to some HIGH standards, and really make sure you are conscious as much as you can be. But i'm not here to take the "easy" way out. And I could frankly care less about it. I'm here to challenge myself, and SO are you. If we aren't willing to hold ourselves to high standards of truth and empowerment, and hold ourselves accountable for our thoughts, our attitudes, our emotions, and our actions... Then you shouldn't be in this Group. Because I am here to nourish. I am here to help grow. And I will settle for nothing less. If you opt to continue being a part of our Group, that is AWESOME! You're in for a treat, and you are truly learning from and surrounded by some incredible people. If you opt to not participate in the Group in a positive way, that is completely ok too. You can come back to us when you've done some deeper searching within yourself and are ready to act very 'Mature' and take accountability for all things. But from here on out... just remember this post. Remember this is " The Bankers " community. If you are struggling, frustrated, or having a problem... THINK and reflect before you post something. Figure out how to express yourself like an 'Empowered Banker'. ALWAYS 'Check' your negativity. There is often times nothing worse in our world then when we don't check our negativity and let it spew on others. I can promise you, if we all hold ourselves to these standards... The amount of value that IS coming out of this Group, and WILL come out of this community will increase 10x. This place will immediately become a happier, more positive, more powerful place... for everyone involved. And like I said... that's what its going to be. :) With or with out you. So with that my friends... enjoy your night. Remember, this is directed at absolutely no one in particular. If you feel something from this, or that this might have been directed at you, use that as an opportunity to explore yourself, your actions, and how you've been coming across to people. Every moment is a gift and a teacher. There's no such thing as right or wrong. There is only learning... growing... and making more enlightened decisions for the future. Stop Venting Your 'UnChecked' Negativity On Others... (IMPORTANT POST): We'll speak soon my friends. Any comments welcomed and appreciated. Yours In "The Bankers", Tarek EL-Bakry P.S. Lets all hold each other accountable to. If we sense something in some one that might be their REAL problem... lets kindly ask them if they have 'Checked Into That' or investigated it in any real way before posting. We are here to help each other. And I promise you... while NO ONE likes to be confronted, there is nothing more helpful or POWERFUL then helping to show someone something they might not be seeing... 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