What we do

We help build better businesses by developing strategic alliances and offering proactive support and encouragement.


Meetings are largely arranged around breakfast.

They consist of 60-second presentations followed by “Let’s do Business”. As we find out what businesses need: testimonials, introductions and referrals followed by Shared Learning.

There is a main feature. Either:

A business briefing
An “In the Spotlight”
A virtual board


Benefits of Refer-On

Members are business owners and leaders of start-ups & small-to-medium businesses, independent professionals or public sector leavers and those leaving the services.

They are encouraged to meet on a weekly basis, usually for breakfast so as to maximise time effectiveness. We apply this by “Twinning” 2 Hubs, so that each Hub operates fortnightly, but it shares opportunities with its twin. You then have weekly networking but you see new faces every week.

A great number of us have set up our businesses using our great talents, which we sell to clients: photographer, solicitor, web designer and so on.
What many of us need to know is more about how to run a business:

Who do you need to support your business?
Can you read a balance sheet?
What on earth is a balance sheet?
Come along to Refer-On and learn how to exploit a balance sheet.

Refer-On is a very special business association, which, unlike conventional rule-bound networks, provides a relaxed, yet professional and mature, atmosphere, under Chatham House Rules, delivering a unique and significant combination of benefits.
The meetings are designed to add value to your business through presentations and workshops, which are relevant to, and useful for, your business.
Perhaps you would welcome non-pressurised peer-to-peer coaching.
We also have ‘in the Spotlight’, where a soft, pre-arranged interview helps us understand the member and his or her business in a really special way.
Mini-Series: Well developed programmes of Shared Learning-e.g. Social Media
“Let’s do Business”: Where we tap into into everyone’s thought processes for Help, Support, Encouragement and Business.
Business challenges crop up, and when they do, a member can seek the other Hub members’ advice in a ‘Think Tank’ scenario.
The knowledge and advice of members help the business owner make better-informed and more intelligent decisions about business strategies and issues.
This is critical to business owners and other professionals who either cannot afford such a luxury or prefer the function to be independent (Chatham House Rules apply).
We offer a corporate, support-type infrastructure without the bureaucracy, where membership of one hub includes membership of ALL hubs across the UK.
Additionally, training & education workshops, at preferential rates, in sales & marketing, team building, time management are available.
There is also a member’s intranet.
And more.

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