Tim Kidson




Business With so much uncontrollable turbulent external force hitting organisations very rapidly, my expertise consists of helping CEO's and their Boards who wish to improve the things they can control. We are all working at the interface between what we can control and what we cannot. We can control how we think, what we do and how we behave. We can clarify and communicate the direction of the business. Secondly we can develop high trust relationships with four key groups of people; colleagues, staff, stakeholders and customers. Thirdly we can work at continuously trying to improve our own performance and that of our team in all areas of the business. We cannot control the passing of precious time; we cannot control circumstance which can change for any one of us in a split second. As a speaker, consultant, trainer, coach and writer on this solitary topic, I offer high value, practical takeaways that clients and / or audiences can apply immediately. Tim Kidson & Associates (TKA) was founded 27 years ago. I co-authored 'How to be a WINNER in the Global Knowledge Economy' in 2005. I am 61, married with four children. Personal After several years of false starts on the career which included engineering, hotel and catering, finance and various other jobs my then wife and I decided to reverse our priorities and put personal life first. So we handed our notice in, quit the jobs, hired a car and drove around England 'til we found the 'ideal' place to live. We both chose Hereford and I remember thirty four years ago setting eyes on the river Wye for the first time. I knew then that whatever else happened, I had to spend the rest of my life by this fabulous river that flows down from the mountains of Wales. I was on the dole for a few weeks and whilst waiting for interviews I sat on the river bank carving pipes from rosewood roots. We didn't have any money so I caught eels, perch and pike and we lived on those until our new jobs started to kick in. After all, as Bob Dylan says, "when you ain't got nothin' you got nothin' to lose". I remember we found a pound coin once on the pavement and rushed into the nearest pub for two halves of something. Anyway we had two beautiful baby girls, Emily and Jenny, but as time went by we grew apart and no amount of counselling was going to put it back together. We both remarried fairly quickly and now Sharon and I also have two beautiful babies, Ursula and Alistair, but time has moved on and now they are twenty and eighteen respectively. So all six of us get together when we can though we all are working, learning and developing in one way or another. Background For twenty seven years as a partner in TKA, I have been advising, training and developing numerous clients in all walks of business, commerce and education. As a nationally accredited consultant and facilitator I run bespoke director development courses, address business audiences such as the CBI, FSB, CIPD, Academy for Chief Executives, Vistage International, Footdown, Elite Executive Development, the Institute of Directors, and many more. I am an Ambassador for Investors in People UK and a member of the Professional Speakers Association; I write articles widely for various publications. I began my career in 1972 with Horwath & Horwath UK, the international tourism and leisure consultancy. After training as an accountant with Arthur Young McClelland Moores in London, my final appointment prior to setting up Tim Kidson & Associates (TKA) in 1985 was as head of finance for the International Division of H.P. Bulmer plc. I co-authored 'Pylgrim's Progress: How to be a WINNER in the Global Knowledge Economy' with my wife and business partner Sharon. At 61, I am married with four children and when not reading the latest thinking on business or going on courses myself, I am writing, fishing or in the hills. For further information go to: www.timkidson.com transforming-organisations.blog