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Tim O'Donnell

I was born in England and grew up near Chester, on the Wirral. I first came to Italy in September 1983 to study in Rome and have been in Italy for most of the last 25 years. I am a businessman and have set up and manage a couple of companies. I am always interested in new ideas and propositions and if you're interested in doing business in Italy why not get in touch?

English in England

In 2005 I launched a start-up which became formalised in Study English in England Ltd in 2006. This is a company which operates in Italy, England and Ireland and organises study holidays for Italians in the UK and Ireland. We provide an excellent customer service which includes a 24 emergency help line. We are still growing! www.corsi-di-inglese-in-inghilterra.it www.corsi-di-inglese-in-irlanda.it www.corsi-di-inglese-a-londra.it www.vacanza-studio-in-inghilterra.it www.vacanza-studio-in-irlanda.it

English in Italy Building on the success of English in England we created English in Italy. This is a language school that we opened in my town, Borgoricco, in January 2008. We teach mainly English although we also have some Spanish and Italian lessons. If you would like to learn some Italian, why not drop me a line? www.englishinitaly.it

The ODAS Group I am a Senior Partner in ODAS International Ltd, a business and management consulting company founded in England in 2000 and in Italy in1993. We work throughout Europe and the United States. We help companies reduce their costs by eliminating waste and improving their management skills. We implement various techniques such as Lean Manufacturing, TPM, and we are considered experts in Managing Maintenance. You can visit our website on www.odas.it

The Open University

ODAS International Ltd also represents the Open University Business School in Italy. The Open University Business School is the largest business school in Europe and the Open University is considered the benchmark in distance learning methodology. I did my MBA with the Open University and I tutor on the Fundamentals of Senior Management (B713) and Managing Strategy (B820). I have tutored in Italy, England, Luxemburg and Slovakia. You can visit the Italian version of the Open University Business School website on www.open.ac.uk/italy/home.php


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What you can do for me - Leave me a testimonial if I have been of use or helped you - Bring me some English mustard next time you pass near Padua :-)

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