Toon Kerssemakers



Owner/consultant/social broker at Ring of People


SEE ALSO MY PROFILE ON LINKEDIN: internet feed IN above!! The most prominent work I did the last 7 years was being a social broker: connecting trade and industry, local government, education and other organizations around social items in bigger city area's, building up cooperation, solving cooperation problems advice and networking. So connecting people is my mission. A good political intuition has helped me a lot. I am also international orientated: worked for three years in the Dutch Caribbean as a director of a institute of vocational training. Before that I did for years and years the same in the Netherlands Still I have a international network it brings me sometimes around the world. I studied Law and economics at a Dutch university(Nijmegen) I am a optimistic person: for me there is always a way out of problems: sometimes on a formal way sometimes on a informal way. A good deal of humour is essential for me. Go for support a very important group for social and educational projects in the world to the Ecademy club: EAGLE LION FOUNDATION Also on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: