Vanessa Warwick




Follow me on Twitter: @4_walls Hi there, My name is Vanessa Warwick and I am a former TV Presenter, turned full-time property investor/Landlady and property consultant/public speaker. I am also co-founder of a property network and a social media consultancy with my husband, Nick Tadd. You can read our investor biography here Early on in ourinvestment career, myself and Nick realised that there was strength in numbers and that "none of us is as smart as all of us". We started building a network of like-minded people to share knowledge, deals, and contacts with and through that, 4 Walls and a Ceiling was born. Prior to becoming involved in property, I was a VJ on MTV for nine years, and also a Director of Music Programming where I directed concerts and music documentaries for such artists as Motorhead, Ricky Martin, Coldplay, and Keane. When I met my husband Nick, in 2002, he proved to be a catalyst for a new direction in my life - property investing. We now have a portfolio of investment properties in excess of £5 million with significant positive cash flow from the rent. Throughout our business, we have adopted a very unique business model that has proven to be very successful, even in the challenging market conditions. To be 100% clear, we are not a property club. We aim to provide free resources to investors and foster positive change within property. Our website is part of a changing movement within property investment and the way people interact and contribute value to others on-line. 4Walls exists to spread specific ideas and ethical and transparent investing practices. The more people we can spread these ideas to, the more success we achieve. We are not building a list of subscribers to sell to - we are building a cult of supporters, each of whom will further support the cause and bring further success to all of us through the momentum of the group. A business "eco system", so to speak. Our core values: ethical practices, reciprocity, integrity, transparency, consistency, and respect. Our investing philosophy in four words: Cash flow is King! The Property Tribes Forum is our on-line community where we promote discussion, education, and networking. (Launched February 2009) Property Tribes TV is where we interview members of the property community to hear their strategies and views. (Launched 2009) Property Tribes Trading Post is the place where the tribe can trade. (Launched August 2011). Yulpa is our new tech product where the tribe can organise their property business. (Launched August 2011). Our proudest moment in property. Read my entry on WikiPedia >>> here.