Victoria Bullis




Victoria Bullis is a world-renowned medium and celebrity radio psychic. Victoria has been giving psychic readings, classes and seminars for 25 years - including over 15,000 guest appearances on radio in the United States, England, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and many other countries. Victoria divides her time between Los Angeles and London. I became interested in the field of metaphysics during eight years I spent living in Hong Kong. While there I studied Buddhism, feng shui, acupuncture, and Eastern mysticism. I've been giving psychic readings, holding classes and doing seminars for about a quarter of a century. During the first two decades I also practiced interior design both in Hong Kong and San Francisco; I was a burgeoning interior designer when I first realized I was also meant to be a psychic... I've done over 17,000 guest appearances on radio, for more than 20 years - in the US, England, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and several other countries. Also during the mid-nineties I had my own radio talk show where I interviewed metaphysical leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and Stuart Wilde. One of the areas I'm most known for most is my ability to communicate with the "Other Side". This includes angelic and other high realms, as well as relatives, friends, pets and celebrities who have passed on. You will be able to find quite of bit of information about this communication ability by Googling me. What I love doing most is helping clients get from wherever they are in life to where they would feel the most sense of accomplishment and peace of mind. Some of my other strengths are:
  • Soul mates
  • Life's Purpose
  • Career
  • Real Estate
  • Dream Analysis
  • Communicating with "The Other Side" (parents, celebrities, etc.)
  • Angels (helping you get in touch with yours)
  • Past Lives
  • Pets
  • Ghosts (I am actually able to send ghosts through "The Tunnel" to The Other Side)
  • If you're interested in contacting me for a personal appointment, please email me at Visit my website at Also please check out my column in Lastly for the past two years I have been reviving a business I had in Hong Kong, designing jewellery. I have several lines of bracelets: an inspirational line with semi precious stones, an ethnic line with African trade beads, a "pirate" line and a high-end fashion line. I was excited to learn that 13 of these bracelets were selected for the finale of the US X-Factor in December 2011. Thank you, Victoria


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