Victor Marques




WINES FROM DOURO VALLEY The combined morphological, climatic and agrological features in Douro valley region have led to a very special ecology, and have given a birth to an environment which has been used by vine to refine the quality of its product- one that is unique: Port wine. Port is a generous wine that is produced exclusively in Douro Valley. The demarcated region of Douro is the most impressive, richest, most trouble and least known region of Portugal. So impressive that all who behold it open their eyes in wonder. So rich, that it produces the liquid gold that is famed all over the world.. No better description could be given of his rugged mountain region, where man, by dint of labor and stubbornness has crushed and transformed in earth. The inclination of the schistose soil, the arrangement of the mountains and the peculiarity of its climate set Douro valley apart from other wine regions. I wish you a fantastic day and hope to see you one day in Douro Valley. Warmest regards. Victor Marques vitoriakoi skype vitoriakoi