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No delays, no excuses, just good customer service. - I have been offering high quality graphic design and illustration services to small businesses for over 9yrs. I have many lovely clients and would be delighted to take on more :) Services include logo design, stationery design, brochure, flyer and poster design, exhibition display design, front end web design and much more. - I work with a wide range of industries to provide them everything they need to market their business.

Time permitting (and I can usually squeeze people in), I'll happily design for FREE for registered charities.

I love movies - some of my favourites are: The Painted Veil, The Princess Bride, Gone With The Wind, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, Dawn Of The Dead (both the original and 2004 remake are amazing), Day Of The Dead, Evil Dead I, II, and III, The Cube, Pin, Calamity Jane, The Lost Boys, Aliens, Bob Hope movies especially The Cat and The Canary, The Man In The Iron Mask, Overboard, The Slipper and The Rose, Disneys Beauty and The Beast, The Handmaids Tale (and the book)....a ton more....


The Stand- Stephen King IT - Stephen King Intensity -Dean Koontz Flowers In the Attic Series of 4 books -Virginia Andrews Every other Virginia Andrews book (My Sweet Audrina, the Heaven series) Phantom - Susan Kay - In my opinion the best book ever written - haunting and beautiful life to death story of the phantom of the opera. Watchers - Dean Koontz The Talisman - Stephen King Night Warriors - Graham Masterton


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