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With diverse interests, William 'Bill' McPhee is a national energy consultant to U.S. business and government entities within deregulated American markets for electricity and natural gas. His teams efforts have reduced commercial energy application expenses 20-30% for a multitude of entities saving them millions of dollars hedging energy costs. U.S companies interested in reducing energy expenses within deregulated markets are invited to explore savings scenarios. Currently initiating an evaluation of an energy management device with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) for residential and commercial applications regardless of deregulation.Smart Z Technology / GiG2 Group. Current evaluations including US Army at Fort Lee, multiple US county government facilities indicate a savings of 18% in single phase panels, 9% for triple phase and 7-15% with combination single and three phase circuitry panels. For product information contact Bill McPhee at WmcPhee@smartZtechnology.com. Serious inquiries only. Personal with History to follow: I also compose music across genre and write (. . . "not so well known now but soon to become famous". . . - a line from Donji's Dilemma, a screenplay in the works.) I wanted to say 'infamous' because as a guy who has worn a few hats I sometimes feel more like a transient working my way through life toward death with a few adventures on the way. Not bragging, not complaining; So far it has all been good. I lived in South America for six months. That was fun. You could ride on the exterior of any moving vehicle for free until you fell off or were robbed;). I had gone there on a one way ticket under someone else' name as I traveled with a handbook of useful Spanish phrases and a pocketful of pesos' in 'mis ojos' (my eyes). As Vice President at the Paidea Company (U.S.). I am developing the global marketing of 'Pinuar Method' for piano and guitar and Pinuar Brand musical instruments.""Music is math with an attitude"-McPhee Much of this will be outsourced leaving me free to pursue new endeavors. The first 20-minute lesson leaves a beginning student knowledgeable to make 108 piano chords, sharp or flat, Major, minor, three different versions of each from their head. That is without a book, chart, or help from anyone. Name the chord and they will know how to play it after the first 20-minute lesson. A really big deal for the introductory student. After Pinuar Piano 1 the guitar is easily understood with the application of a secondary market applique applied to the guitar neck and the Pinuar Method Guitar 1 Lesson. Visit http://PinuarMethod-mcphee.blogspot.com.. Products will be introduced in 5 languages for ages 6-60 plus. School administrator inquiries are welcomed. I look forward to placing this methodology within our educational systems globally. I'm leaning toward giving the introductory lessons for free. If you have any ideas on capitalizing on this methodology free or otherwise- share them with me at pinuarmethod@gmail.com. I'm open for suggestions. On a separate note, I have a catalog of music which crosses genre and in need of talented vocalists (male & female). I posses a wide variety of talents and capabilities but recognize singing will NEVER be one of them;). Within the book I'd say close to 10 of them are chart materials. If you fit the description please write ipadpoco@ gmail.com... Also in development are a couple of screenplays. If you are in the industry inquire: William 'Bill' McPhee at any e-address within. Previously self employed as Owner/Broker of C.MAC Realty, Sumner Group, and Owner/Partner of IMS-Impact Marketing Systems. I have built and marketed 10 subdivisions from 100-280 custom/semi-custom homes in each in the U.S. That's from land syndication, infrastructure, and design to financing and closing. I consult in this capacity as called upon. I am interested in business partnerships regarding all of the above and any proposals that intrigue my interest. Wishing you all success with your ambitions and endeavors. Yours truly, William 'Bill' McPhee Have Mind, Will Travel HISTORY Business Development...Management...Marketing...Sales - Multiple Industries ...Four year high school curriculum in 15 months. Entered college at 16. First business ownership at 19.... (Yes, and four "grown" children later don't expect anything too brilliant - the neurohumors have left the building.) Top Producer - $5 million sales quarters in small competitive markets. "Nothing happens without a sale." ...his performance in developing and executing integrated marketing plans that leverage all elements of the mix were vital in a demographically small competitive market where he sold 50 new home construction contracts in 90 days. Not short of humor, when competing developers and brokers inquired as to how he was closing such numbers in a tight market, he replied, "I'm using a gun." (I'm looking at this entry as old as it is and have to add - interest rates were at 18%+ and this project had no models built at the time. Those sales were accomplished with artist renderings, paintings of the would be home and sold from the blue prints. I love that business but unless I'm involved in a great group of talent regarding the same-don't call me. The 50 new home construction sales in 90 days were built and all closed and were sold by me alone; my current interests are energy saving products,design, retrofit design and re illumination for savings, hedging energy pricing in the commodities market, 350.org and music composition- I need great singers.) Management: Real Estate - Energy - Manufacturing - Construction - Retail - Sales Business Law - Real Estate Law - Contracts - Budgets - Reports - Scheduling - Blueprints - Public Reports - Amendments - Negotiations - Personnel Evaluations Recruiting - Training - Contractor-Vendor Coordination - Financing - Loan Origination - Troubleshooting - Permits - Construction Build Process - Re Zoning - Collaborative Liaison with C-Level Executives, Architects and Engineers - Applicable Industry Management Software Tools Marketing: Research - Data Compilation - Analysis - Press Releases - Public Relations - Media Buys - Feasibility Studies - SWOT Advertising: Copy Writing - Design Layout - Print - Direct Mail - Television - Radio - Outdoor - Internet - Music Jingles Sales: Closer - Customer Service Summary

  • Twenty-five year's applying analytical and diagnostic applications to business development, project management, finance, marketing and sales.
  • Produced $5 million sales quarters in small competitive markets.
  • Consistency of initiatives resulting in surpassed sales goals through thoughtful applications of logistical data and marketing compilations.
  • Leadership with which generates strong alliances amongst all parties to the table.
  • Innovator with pan optic capability to deliver winning strategies.
  • Recruited trained and managed sales staff for multiple projects running concurrently.
  • Insightful understanding of issues that drive markets and business.
  • Created favorable image campaigns for companies and products.
  • Resourceful and tenacious in achieving desired goals.
  • Designed and supervised the marketing and Model Trap sales of multiple master planned communities.
  • Delivers on time and within budget constraints.
  • Directed construction scheduling, vendor coordination, sales, staff, loan origination, escrows for multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Revamped company images, products, and strategy effecting increased market share.
  • Pressure quote: "I've been shot at, set on fire, and dragged through cactus; what did you have in mind?" (U.S.) EDUCATION - Licenses - Certificates - Seminars Chippewa Valley Technical College, Menomonie, Wisconsin State Health & Life Requirements A.I. Prince Technical School, Hartford, Connecticut Albano School of Performing Arts, Hartford, Connecticut Davis County High School, Layton, Utah Utah State University, Logan, Utah (age 16) Weber State University, Ogden, Utah Northwestern School of Real Estate, Arizona Arizona Real Estate Salesman License Arizona Real Estate Broker License Nevada Real Estate Law Certified FCC license, Las Vegas, Nevada Tom Hopkins, Mastering the Art of Selling Anything, Phoenix, Arizona Tom Hopkins, Mastering the Art of Selling Real Estate, Phoenix, Arizona Roger Dawson, Power Negotiating Power Sales, Baltimore, Maryland PROFILE: Four year high school curriculum completed in 15 months. Entered college at 16. First business at 19. Mr. McPhee's expertise involving successful negotiations in syndicating land acquisitions, designing plat layouts, density considerations, infrastructure considerations, amenities, creation of desirable, competitively priced products of function and aesthetic, based on surveys and customer predilections, and then marketing the same for dominant market share, all coupled with financing and timely delivery, relates to most any industry creation. The logistics of organization, labor, and materials in any case are considerable and he is accustomed with all. Mr. McPhee is a veteran of the start-up, and turn around. He has developed in partnership and/or managed 10 subdivisions, some of which from land syndication, engineering and architectural liaison to municipality requirements for zoning changes regarding commercial applications. Responsible and resourceful, he has implemented exceptional strategic planning, leadership, communication and presentation skills to organize the teams and players in fruition of mutual goals. His performance in developing and executing integrated marketing plans that leverage all elements of the mix were vital in a demographically small competitive market where he closed 50 new home construction contracts in 90 days. Not short of humor, when competing developers and brokers inquired as to how he was closing such numbers in a tight market, he replied, "I'm using a gun." In his negotiations with South West Gas to build infrastructure to a remote project, it was his escrow contract sales from blueprints and artist elevation renderings that won over their indecision to build new service lines to 250 residential lots without impacting the builders' budget for what would have been a very steep developer fee. He created the forerunner of over-the-counter drug testing kits when drug testing was still a whisper in the corporate communities. (American Toxicology Institute, an independent toxicology laboratory that performed forensics, expert testimony and drug testing for the Las Vegas, Nevada Police Department). Prior to his real estate career he procured investors, commercial property, buildings, transmitter site, recruited engineers, designed and packaged marketing and sales materials as well as initial programming from national and international sources for a television station start up. He conducted a feasibility study before he introduced and managed the sales of a wireless communication system covering Southern Nevada and North Western Arizona. Implementing five-year term advertising contracts, he increased monthly revenues for an outdoor sign company 32% within a year. An effective direct mail campaign he wrote saved a multimillion dollar Las Vegas pool builder from bankruptcy. Aside from current consulting, educational and product development endeavors, McPhee has written radio, television, print, direct mail campaigns, Internet and outdoor advertising copy. Included, a television script and jingle for the Weyerhaeuser Corporation to promote a company held real estate rental property, Morrell Park in Henderson, Nevada. He retains an FCC license to operate radio or television public broadcast equipment and a real estate broker license in good standing but inactive since 2001. Currently contracted as an energy consultant to InSource Power, Texas, U.S. and director of creative development with the Paidea Company, an intellectual properties developmental firm. He created the Pinuar Method, a mathematics based music teaching process wherein first twenty minute lesson leaves a beginning piano student knowing how to make 108 major, minor, sharp or flat, piano chords by name, in three different versions, from their head. Previously, (1988-2001) self-employed as owner/broker of C.MAC Realty and The Sumner Group, both Arizona general practice residential and commercial real estate companies. Also managed the sales, as partner of Impact Marketing Systems, publishers of two advertising tabloid magazines circulated in California, Nevada, and Arizona. Since 2001, Mr. McPhee has traveled, developed a copyrighted music catalog, been active as an equities day trader, and available as consultant to companies before joining the Paidea Company in 2005 and AAES, and Smart Z Technology in 2010. COMPANIES - Director - Owner - Partner AAES, Consultant, U.S. Smart Z Technology, Channel Partner, US Paidea Company, Director, Vice President, U.S. Sumner Group, Owner/Broker, Arizona C.MAC Realty, Owner/Broker, Arizona Impact Marketing Systems, Owner/Partner, Arizona Poco Enterprises, Owner, Connecticut