Bill Ryan




I have been back in the UK for nearly 2 years now follwing a 5 year spell living in France. We still have a small property for sale there so our links are not severed fully yet.and during that time I have set up Lawscape and developing the business. It has been a very interesting and challenging period to go from little commercial/business knowledge to where I am now. I workied as a barrister in private practice in London since the 1994 until I finished in private practice in 2006. I did some long distance commuting from France to London for nearly a year before the whole French project took over! Thats what led to the decision to take an extended sabbatical. Following the decision to return to the UK I embarked on a different way of 'staying legal' hence Lawscape. I am now concentrating on Wills & Inheritance Planning and Employment Law assistance for employers. In theory this will give me a better work-life balance than I had working at the Bar. My major work experience before becoming a lawyer was 11 years as a Fire Officer in the London Fire Brigade My last posting was in the Headquarters Operations Room where I was involved in command and control at major incidents. It was after my exit from the Fire Service (due to an injury) that I decide to qualify as a lawyer. I did my Law degree at Leicester University and Bar School in London followed by pupillage and practice in London. Professional The two aspects to my business at Lawscape: Employment Law and Business services Providing Employment law compliance, employment contracts, procedures & workplace policies as well as ongoing support. Shareholder Agreements, Partnership Agreements and Cross Option Agreements. Wills & Inheritance Planning for Business and individuals Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney I have also set up another area of my business dealing with Wills for Expatriates in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE called Dubai Wills. this is offering British expats an excellent Will service at competetive prices. Potential Professional "Link-ups" HR people and outsourcing businesses, IFAs, Mortgage Brokers and Accountants. I would love the opportunity to talk to and meet HR people, IFAs, Mortgage Brokers and Accountants to discuss developing mutually beneficial referal networks. So if you think there may be things we could do together to help each other why not contact me and we can have a chat. Thanks for looking at my Profile Bill Ryan