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Twitter Via this link you can read my comments which will illustrate to you my interests on an ongoing basis. Apart from working as a GP My products are; - Books; "Life is Wonderful - make it happen! Read the book ... it may make you stop thinking ... and start doing ... !! Seminars Seminars on Life coaching and Solution Focused conversation skills. Everyday Medicine Website with free general medical advice.

The following booklet, by James Allen "As a man thinketh" I can recommend, it's available for free here And this is the most impressive book I have read; 'The Philosophy of Freedom' by Rudolf Steiner. I think it is the best life coaching book ever. That is, if you manage to get through the first part of the book... because in part one he let you experience what it is to use your thinking for sense perception free thinking (and it is hard work!). This type of thinking, without any 'material references' can as such be described as spiritual (non-material). In the second part of the book he leads you along this line of thought to purposeful living. Steiner was concerned with creating a healthy society and after reading his booklet "Towards social renewal" I have written my interpretation of it in this blog, let me know what you think. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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