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Writer, broadcaster, artist. A Twist Of Time - The New Album by David Ireland - Launched live at WOMAD on 29th July 2012 A Twist Of Time is the stunning new album by UK based singer songwriter David Ireland. Recorded in the Cotswolds with the cream of local musicians, A Twist Of Time is an intriguing and ambitious concept album for our times. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A TWIST OF TIME 99 PRLog (Press Release) - Jul 24, 2012 - A Twist Of Time was recorded in the Cotswolds between April and July. The album features fourteen tracks recorded with the cream of local musicians. Ireland describes A Twist Of Time as 'a concept album for the twenty-first century'. The themes are Time, Money, Life and Death. The songs were written while the album was taking shape in the studio. There is a spontaneous and almost organic feel to the tracks. Subject matter is as diverse as warfare, 911, global recession and the transience of life. There are also a couple of love songs in there too! Ireland began performing in the 60s and has remained fresh and involved with current music. As he tells us, '...some of the musicians on the album are quite young. Amazingly talented, but many of them are under 25. The energy they create and the spontaneity of their musicianship is astounding. I felt truly privileged to share my music with them'. A Twist Of Time is out now, on Double Infinity Records and is available for immediate download at http://timeaftertime.bandcamp.com/ The musician include David Ireland: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Rufus Fry: Harmonica and Melodian, Shane Boothby: Bass, Mark Goudswaard: Guitar, Callum Partridge: Drums, Stephan Marlot: Cello, Patsy Gamble: Sax, Josh Richards: Ukulele, Laura Manley: Acoustic Riffs, Sandra Ireland: Vocals and Coco: Ambient Barking! The track-listing includes: I Can't Cry Money Matters Sure Feels Like The Blues A Shropshire Lad Firenze Curious Café Time After Time After Time Barafundle Red House The Bridge Skunk! New York Broads Wishes Keeping The Wolf From The Door David Ireland and some of the musicians will be launching 'A Twist Of Time' live at the 30th WOMAD festival on Sunday July 29th at Molly's Bar in the Electro Swing tent. The concert starts at 18.00hrs. 'This has been such an exhilarating ride' Ireland commented during a band practice this week. 'Everything seems to be falling into place. The album is ready, the artwork looks fantastic...the guys in the band are ready to go... This could be our time!' A Twist Of Time is packed with memorable tunes and performances and the sum of the parts provides a thought-provoking package. A Twist Of Time is out now on Double Infinity Records as a download at http://timeaftertime.bandcamp.com/


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