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Who am I True entrepreneur started my journey in 1998 ...with a passion & dream to do best everyday....from a single pc to a sme level status ...i had learned loads of lessons ...interacted with professionals & mentors from india & overseas....I value my family a lot bcoz they had been always there to support me .... Some words about my organisation....Swaran Soft Support Solutions Pvt Ltd Swaransoft provides a wide range of end-to-end services and solutions to its clients, which enable them to make informed and wise investments in technology, in synch with their business objectives. Our service portfolio offers companies assistance right from conceptualization to implementation. Business : MobileX - The Outsourcing Hub Business : WebPromotionX - The X Factor Of Internet Promotion Business : Travelx Connect Ltd Business : Cloud Hosting Portal- Coming Soon Business : Facebook Apps - Coming Soon Some Personal Stuff.... Home: I was born Suratgarh, India and have lived in India most of my life as my dad was Air Force officer, so I got opportunity to visit country from top to bottom. Currently, I live in Gurgaon with my dad & mom. Definitely yet to be married….off course found my princess - her name is Shivani.......the countdown is on the way ...we are uniting this winters..........she has given me insight of love & respect. Loads more to come for her.....& loads to change in me...................say my greetings will carry signature as Yogesh & Shivani...........Ah! God Bless Us Recreation: I am an enthusiastic lover of music and totally workaholic. I also have a keen interest in swimming and bowling. Again lesser time for these stuff. Over the last 6 years I have learnt, that in order to ride a horse well, I have to be patient, as a horse has no concept of time so the more I rushed a horse the more the horse will work against me. I have learnt the more patient and the calmer I become the better the results! Whilst I still have goals, I have found to achieve success I have to let go of them! This is very interesting when it is applied in life. Education:On leaving school I completed a three year B.Sc(Hons) Maths - bachelors degree in mathematics at Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University. From there I continued my education at Tata Technologies and obtained the Higher National Diploma in Advance Computing; started my business as passion to perform - I could just say that patience & perseverance to achieve has took me from one hope to another. Business Career - The Start: In 1998 I entered the business where I started doing data recovery from crashed & damaged hard drives before passing out from college the business has given me enough vision . I went on to grow that then and now we are operational internationally. The Managing Director: MobileX My time as Managing Director has started few days back....I had developed the company into a international commercial software group operation with sales of $1 Million Plus, with two regional offices. A Blue Chip Client Base including Corporates, BPOs, KPOs, supermarkets, hotels and many SMEs as well as BIG size companies and the public sector. The Entrepreneur: Growing businesses is in my blood. During my childhood everything I did was about understanding money & its application with time. When I left school at sixteen my passion took me to real market, that was Data Recovery. I have always found building businesses very easy and have naturally always been able to attract into my life the types of clients I wish to work with as well as the right people to be in my team to deliver the products or services my businesses have provided. How can I help you? I have a vast portfolio of skills and I am always happy to work on a agreement basis with Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to make an impact building companies to the next level. This has also allowed me to put my many talents and skills to good use which are as follows: • Business Development: I have considerable experience of developing businesses strategically, structurally and from a sales & marketing perspective. One of my specialist skills is the improvement of the path from lead generation to customer sale using different marketing strategies to create the efficient lead generation and conversion into sales in respect of both tangible and intangible products as well as ensuring customers keep buying more. I also have excellent presentation and keynote speaking skills. • Project Management: Visit PMI I have managed projects worth $ 20 Mn Plus including the financial management, logistics and buying. I am attached with Upendra Giri for my knowledge pool building regarding PMP programs. • Team Development and Change Management: I have recruited, organised, developed and led teams along with the associated systems development to maintain the smooth running of an organisation. I am also experienced in leading change. • Financial Management: During my business education I was taught how to understand balance sheets and profit & loss accounts. Throughout the course of my career I have used this knowledge to control operations and project finance to make strategic decisions leading to the increased profitability of the business as well as controlling cash-flow. • Exit Strategies: I have a special interest and skills to help business owners to prepare their businesses for their exit or sale. • Business Turnaround & Restructuring: I have significant experience of business turnaround, increasing profitability, restructuring the team and business for growth. • Multi-Sector Adaptability: I have been fortunate enough to have worked in a variety of sectors and industries. With that experience the most interesting thing I have found is whilst the operations remain different the structure of the business is the same as it revolves around, money, people, production/service, efficiency and sales & marketing. • Fast Growing Businesses: I have been involved with fast growing companies and understand what it takes to sustain a fast level of growth. Why make costly mistakes when I can help you to avoid them? We all make mistakes. Unfortunately that is the truth but why do you need to go through that pain when you could have me as an experience entrepreneur working with you and helping you to side step the common pit falls of building and growing your business. My Services: Entrepreneur/Mentor: As described in this profile. Keynote Speaker: Presentations to entrepreneurial audiences on topics around those previously described. So that is who I am if any of your interests are the same or just wish to make contact I look forward to speaking to you….. 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