Yuri Svirid




We are a software development company with major specialization in development of corporate Java-systems. We also specialize in web-programming (PHP/MySQL/AJAX), C/C++-projects and mobile applications (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile). We successfully developed a wide variety of projects for Western companies: - large corporate Java-systems for media business (JEE/JMS/EJB/Informix/TOPLink/JBoss); - database applications for small and medium business (Java/AJAX/JavaScript; MySQL/PostgreSQL; TomCat/JBoss/Jetty; Wicket/Vaadin/Spring/Hibernate/Maven/JUnit/TestNG/DBUnit/Liquibase); - applications for specific industries (tourism, logistics, thermography etc); - data processing and visualization. More details you can find at our web-site www.soft-product.com. We utilized the following models of cooperation: - Offshore Manager - Offshore Development Team: customer provides us with specification, and our team implements the whole project. - In-House Manager - Offshore Development Team: In-house project manager provides our team with tasks. - In-House Development Team - Offshore Development Team: two teams implement the project simultaneously. Our project managers and software developers can promptly communicate with customers via Skype and ICQ. They all speak advanced English and/or German. - ich spreche gerne Deutsch mit Ihnen! - send me an invitation to svirid (at) pms-software (dot) com (without blanks), I will accept it! For my personal details please go to www.svirid.by.