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Call me on 00 32 475 84 21 15 if you require management coaching and business training. Text me if you get voicemail +32475842115 or just send me a mail to reach Optima Facto.

Contributing to Growth
Welcome!! I appreciate your attention to my profile and sincerely hope you find what you're looking for. First some personal information I am a married father of two fantastic boys (Charly (13) and Jean-Philippe (11)). My spouse's name is Caroline. We live in Antwerp (Wilrijk), Belgium. Caroline and I strongly believe in a positive attitude and we do our utmost to be surrounded by people with a constructive, caring, sharing, sincere and open mindset. That's our aim in life.
The business My business profile is focused on Change & Communication Management, Motivation Management and Management Coaching. I've worked in over 15 countries (most in Europe) and I managed a company in Romania. Recently, and together with my spouse, I created 2-LEAD. This company is specialised in open training sessions and management gadgets. Our philosophy and unique value proposal on all our projects:
"If you want prosperity for 1 year, grow grain. If you want prosperity for 10 years, grow trees. If you want prosperity for 100 years, grow people." (Chinese proverb).
Today, with a NICE Network of Independent Consultants for Excellence, I am active in two fields: 1. Management Consulting - Optima Facto (power of MOTIV-ACTION) 2. Management training, starting from personal leadership and growing towards high impact organisational leadership. Motiv-Action I created Optima Facto in 1998. I strongly believe in the fact that we cannot motivate people, yet we can create an environment wherein people can motivate themselves. In today's economy it is very hard to find skilled people, so keeping them has become a top priority for companies. Motivation Management is the future and will save a lot of money for companies (large corporations and SME's). To understand what kind of environment a team needs, we work with the Corporate Development Process (CDP), a 'top-notch' management tool, pragmatic and unique in it's kind (as evaluated by large Belgian and international customers). The action plans, resulting from the assessment, are integrated through individual and group coaching. I invite you to evaluate your team through our CDP FAST SCAN to know exactly how to influence perception, satisfaction and motivation. It will save you time, money and a lot of effort. I dare to say that CDP is ONE OF THE BEST MODELS IN THE WORLD to measure the degree of motivation in existing teams and to determine action plans to improve in the future. More info can be found on coach me in motivating my team. Using this model results in detailed and 'hands-on' action plans for each manager, ready to be implemented. This forms the basis of our coaching. Unique - believe me!! Apart from that, I train and coach people like you (professionally and personally) in improving their quality of life, their communication style (toward themselves and others), in organizing their department and team motivation and in realizing their goals. I deliver about 70 - 120 training sessions (Dutch-English-French-Romanian with translation) each year, for more then 14 years now. I concentrate on leadership and managerial topics. Find more on my site I have personally trained at least 20.000 managers and employees over the years. On our website, you can find some results and testimonials.
Some references: ADMB, Bayer, BNP Paribas Fortis, Ontex Global, Tiense Suikerraffinaderijen, Romanian Post, ING, Belgian Post, Euro Info Center Poland, CB Direct, Delhaize-de-Leeuw, Remar Romania, VDAB, Belgian Ministry of Finance, Forrtisbank NL, Belgian Bankers Association, KBC, Nedlloyd, Smit Tak, Ohra Insurance, Unitrans, Kraft Jacobs Suchard, Belgacom,Smals, UTI, Boliden, Romano-Electro, Banca Comerciala Romana, M.O.L. containerliners, ABN AMRO, AG Insurance, ....
References of individuals that I've coached are of course confidential. Playing golf with managers and business leaders We are delighted to announce our new product - golf as a metaphor. We have worked out a complete program wih Lara Tadiotto on explaining to managers how top golfers deal with goal setting, stress, coaching and focus. In 'group practices' we debate with our training delegates (most managers, business leaders and service clubs) on what these 'strategies for excellence' teach us in day-to-day business. Try it - it's unique, it's fun, it's outstanding!! Each year we organise 1 golf trip with managers and company leaders to discuss on the parallels of golf and management, as well as on other managerial topics, in combination with playing on the finest golf courses of Europe. Network of consultants- NICE Over the years, I have built up a NETWORK of INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANTS for EXCELLENCE- each specialized in a specific domain - in order to realize good R.O.I. and R.O.C. for our customers. This NICE NETWORK of consultant is specialized in services such as Managerial Disciplines of Execution, Human Resources Management, EFQM, Balanced Scorecards, Overall Management training and coaching, ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) / ITSM (IT Service Management), Marketing, Personal Leadership, Top Executive Coaching, process re-engineering, internal communication, sales management and Networking.
In life you can get anything you want NOW, as long as you help other people to get what they want." Zig Ziglar

Where training people is about accelerating learning and inspiring them to change, Coaching - for me - is the actual turnaround. The Optima Facto approach is unique in this way that we combine skill with experience and operational (managerial) tools. We do on-line coaching as well, via skype - phone and e-mail. Our network brings beautiful results and life changing experiences for individuals that are coached, as well as for managers, employees, CEO's and departments or entire companies.
Best way to reach me is to send a short mail
LIFE COACHING (private persons) Typical topics that we coach private persons in:
  • Making more (connection, money, friendship, ...) out of personal and business relations
  • Personal management and self-motivation - self awareness
  • Personal Mission Statements and value or ecology checks
  • Second opinion on decisions of any kind
  • Presentation and Networking skills
  • Conflict handling
  • Communication skills and Interpersonal issues
  • Setting personal goals and creating a mental and written plan to achieve those goals
  • Sales techniques
  • Difficult communication
  • Non-Verbal communication and first impression management
  • I would be delighted to find out YOU are the person SENDING A FRIEND AND RELATION and help her/him in her or his further personal growth. We have coached several persons from Ecademy and other networks, such as linkedIn and Xing. DO give us a CALL at 0032 475 84 21 15 or 0032 3 829 15 00!! Your questions will be forwarded to the right local consultant and expert. What do I want to achieve via Ecademy: I'm always open to network and I appreciate channels such as Ecademy to get together and create things that have never seen daylight before. I've easily gained back from Ecademy what I put into it. I made great friends and great relations. I've attended interesting speaches,...and THE BEST IS YET TO COME... My dreams: they are on my dream wall and vision board My Values: Commitment, trust & reputation, Gratitude. My drive: continuously improve the results on our services to make our customers excel in what they do. So building on a NICE network of outstanding consultants is important to me. Company vision: contributing to growth. My main offer to you: I'm a SUPPORTER! The rest I leave up to the individuals and managers to judge. Clubs: The Benelux Training and coaching club The Benelux Training and coaching club at Linked In The Romania Club Some history I have a business administration background (1991). I majored in International Management and Marketing, yet throughout my career, I specialized into the human aspects of change management. I have an advanced productivity degree (FLA, USA-1993). I became the first European certified assessor of the Corporate Development Process (see above), measuring motivational aspects of productivity management and quality management in 1996. Ever since, this is my core thing: "lasting change through behavior change". Before creating my own company (Optima Facto) in 1998, I've realized projects for ICS IMPAC (achievements: realization of operational savings up to 25%) and for Jouret Management Center (achievement: skills training and coaching with quantifiable results). It is not what and who you know; it is what you do with what and who you know! Also find my profile on LInkedIn Also find my profile on Xing create your own visited country map or check our Venice travel guide Here's my flag counter. free counters


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