Zen Benefiel, MA, MBA, CHt, TLC


Benefiel, ma, mba, cht, tlc

Author, Coach, Facilitator, Possibilities Coagulator at Be The Dream, LLC


Principal 'Possibilities Coagulator' for Be The Dream LLC, a professional services company that synergizes Transformational Life Coaching, Personal & Business Coaching, Project & Organizational Management. Managing Partner at Team Partnering, LLC, facilitation services for partnering principled project management. Past Web Director, Conference Chair and President-Elect for the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix) Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development. I have a unique combination of education (MBA, MA, CHt, TLC) and experience across many industries including aerospace, education, manufacturing, public events, radio and television production. The compilation of powerful discoveries in personal development and self-awareness are included in two workbooks: Transformation: A Guide for Change and Cosmic Conundrum: Who AM I?

How I can help: You won't trust me until you know me better; how I think, respond and structure resources. I suggest a little investment to explore the possibilities. Get one of the workbooks. They will tell you more about me than anything else. If you resonate, we've got potential. Or, better yet... use that old piece of technology on your desk called a phone. Everyone has a dream. As a possibilities coagulator, I help put people, places and things together with you. I ask the critical questions that immersion often hides. I had a spiritual awakening as a youth, a profound NDE, and used it to propel the study of self-awareness, integrative psychology and best practices in business. What keeps us afraid, angry, ignorant and immobile? So far I am certain we can change, even transform through trials and tribulations. How do we assist personal and professional change toward better behavior in the world?

We just need some highly visible role models across the gamut of business and society demonstrating what works. ISO 26000 is a solid foundation for social responsibility, which may evolve toward a new social currency. I invite intentional preparation and conscious collaboration with science and spirituality to better our global development through local actions. A new millennial mindset engages leadership and an organic process within business frameworks to facilitate collaboration within the holistic system. There is a obviously a shift taking place across the globe empowered by local activities with a global vision.

Are you on board yet? Do you know the principles that truly empower individuals to be their best - commerce, education and community lead the way. I help make the 'present' practical while benefiting your business and employees/management/staff. Some Self Analysis: For the curious - I'm both a High Red and High Yellow depending on the day and mood, a Conductor by the DISC labels and you can read about my thinking and communication styles, too. I'm a dreamer/visionary and according to Dudley Lynch's Brain Technology (which I highly recommend) survey, a First Dolphin.

I've got an extensive reading list that feeds my mind and might work well for you, I can think and view the big picture and help hone the strategy to make it real. I've spent most of my life in some sort of quest for self-awareness, personal or professional growth. I've been down many paths and thought it only appropriate to include the simplest and most profound methods and techniques, along with some insightful perspectives, in an introductory coaching offer. Transformation: A Guide for Change offers the challenge for personal change in a workbook format. Social Media is changing the face of building community, integrating diverse needs while connecting those of like-mind and heart connections.

Using social media requires a well-defined strategy for personal connections and/or business development. I believe in the philosophy of 'pay it forward' and offer a free eBook called Creating Serendipity. I invite you to visit me at Be The Dream.



My EQ is 180


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